• 13 Hours - Kenosha's Ignored Militia Threat

    Thirteen hours before the shootings, local and federal law enforcement would start a threat analysis of anything related to Kenosha County.  Law Enforcement would spend more time analyzing caravans of protestors and rumors than they did armed citizens and militia that were quickly organizing via social media.
  • How Prepared Was Kenosha For A Riot??

    Many questions still linger and have gone unanswered.  One of the biggest questions though; could it all have been avoided?
  • CJTV Files Restraining Order Against NSM Journalist/Alleges Violent Threats

    Social Media Live Streamer Carl Haliburton of CJTV filed a Harassment Restraining Order against Kevin Glowicki of Never Stop Media LLC.  Haliburton goes on in the complaint to allege Glowicki "continually encouraging people to find me and "aim for the head" as a reference to shooting me".
  • Can Riots Have Positive Affects?

    And so in a real sense our nation's summers of riots are caused by our nation's winters of delay.
  • Wauwatosa And The "Bullet Proof Mind"

    “We fight violence. What do we fight it with? Superior violence. Righteous violence.”  Grossman calls his discipline “killology”—”the scholarly study of the destructive act.”
  • Waukesha Sheriff Division Supervisor Displays Militia Support

    This is the first time we have seen anything in writing that law enforcement actually knew that militia was causing property destruction, yet not a single arrest was made to any militia member.
  • St. Francis Student Graduation Threatened For Wearing BLM T-Shirt

    He says "this may be policy for Lewandowski but life or death for another, people who look like me”
  • KPD & KCSD Learns The Art Of "Killology"

    If you're prepared to kill, Dave Grossman says, it's "just not that big of a deal."

  • Milwaukee County DA Charges Journalist

    Milwaukee District Attorney filed charges against a Never Stop Media journalist for Disorderly Assemblage and Pedestrian on Hwy
  • Inside Look Into The Open Records Process

    Departments across the country are violating open records laws and unfortunately have been getting away with it for a long time and still are.
  • Law Enforcement "Challenge Coins"

    These law enforcement challenge coins often embrace “warrior cop” ethos—the violence, racism, and impunity that have sparked our current controversy with law enforcement culture.
  • The Lies That Justify

    “This causes me distress; this department has no procedures in place and doesn’t recognize the National Standards”.