• Inside Look Into The Open Records Process

    Departments across the country are violating open records laws and unfortunately have been getting away with it for a long time and still are.
  • Law Enforcement "Challenge Coins"

    These law enforcement challenge coins often embrace “warrior cop” ethos—the violence, racism, and impunity that have sparked our current controversy with law enforcement culture.
  • The Lies That Justify

    “This causes me distress; this department has no procedures in place and doesn’t recognize the National Standards”.

  • KPD Set To File Motion To Dismiss Against NSM

    NSM feels strongly with almost a year that has passed that the residents of Kenosha deserve transparency in what happened during the unrest and following protests. “We are fighting for those records, so we can show the public what really happened on both sides during that week.
  • New Documents On 4th Kenosha Victim

    “Based on everything I have noted above the Police Department believes things will get progressively worse especially when the identity and connection to law enforcement of the shooter is reported on”.
  • Relax In A Hammock This Summer!!!!

    Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner and you decided to go hammock camping, but don’t know where to begin.  In this article we will go through the various options when it comes to purchasing your new hammock and the variety of accessories you will need or want to make your time spent in your new hammock more comfortable.
  • Let's Talk Gear!!!

    I get asked a lot about where I get my gear and what it’s all used for.  For all you gear junkies this article is for you.
  • KPD Conceals 4th Shooting Victim

    While at the command post, we were advised that four people were shot and two were deceased”.

  • Aggressive Cop or Justified Force??

    “I didn’t punch him in the face at all” despite the video clearly showing him punching Kowalczuk while handcuffed.
  • Rush To Justification

    “As an officer, you have duty to uphold the law, and you have to follow the rules, policies and procedures set forth.  He wasn’t charged to avoid a payout for wrong doing.  Call it what it is – Bad Policing.  Sometimes things go wrong, admit it and move on, don’t cover it up”.
  • What You Think Is Private Actually Isn't

    When you enter into a courthouse you expect everything to be handled appropriately and more importantly for court personnel to pay close attention to detail so that no mistakes are made, especially when it pertains to privacy and safety issues.
  • Help Never Stop Media Obtain Open Records

    NSM is going after much larger and more important requests from several government entities in order to provide our readers with the greatest possible transparency on a variety of issues and these records are going to cost a significant amount of money to obtain once they are released to us.