Recently NSM found out that CJ Halliburton of CJTV moved from his Seattle home to Kenosha Wisconsin.  In 2021 NSM was attempting to expose Halliburton for defrauding his viewers for financial gain and investigating him for fundraising fraud.  Halliburton under the CJTV live streaming platform has held multiple fundraisers in Southeast Wisconsin and allegedly not all of that money if any is going towards the victims in which the fundraisers were held.  One of the most notable was a fundraiser held for the Waukesha Parade Victims where Darrell Brooks drove his vehicle through a Christmas Parade in 2021.

In the middle of a series of online episodes of attempting to expose Halliburton for intentionally and knowingly deceiving his viewers in order to financially benefit, Halliburton filed a Harassment Restraining Order in November 2021, against myself, the Owner of Never Stop Media alleging; Harassment, Stalking and Death Threats. Read The Article Here: https://neverstopvoices.com/blogs/news/cjtv-files-restraining-order-against-nsm-journalist-alleges-violent-threats

Over the course of the next 7 months, there were multiple court hearings where testimony and evidence was introduced by Halliburton and myself.  To sum up those court hearings, Halliburton intentionally and knowingly submitted evidence to the court that he, with the help of Kevin Mathewson tampered with and fabricated evidence in an attempt to deceive the court so that I would be charged with criminal offenses on top of the civil restraining order.  Mathewson is the self-proclaimed journalist, Commander of the Kenosha Guard Militia, private investigator and responsible for online stalking, harassment and threats under alt names, social media handles and emails despite him personally being banned from social media.  Ultimately after my attorney and I provided testimony and the true and correct evidence in addition to offering thousands of hours of video footage disproving every defamatory statement Halliburton alleged, the court sided with me that there was no evidence presented by Halliburton to prove any of his claims against me, and the case was dismissed. Despite claiming he feared for his safety and life, he still moved across the country to Kenosha where I am from. Read The Article Here: https://neverstopvoices.com/blogs/news/what-really-happened-with-cjtvs-restraining-order-against-me

Recently, NSM has been exposing multiple lies that Halliburton has told his viewers over the last 2 ½ years where he has generated thousands of dollars in funds from his viewers believing the lies he has told them via our YouTube Channel – Never Stop Voices.  These lies include the true nature of his relationship with the former live streamer and federal informant “Katie Katie”, the true reason Halliburton’s media platform was taken down, and a plethora of other lies he has told his viewers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXywTeUMCtk&t=10520s

During a recent live stream we were doing discussing Kevin Mathewson’s new Kenosha appointment and Halliburton and their criminal activities together, NSM received an email from a source who had some very serious allegations against Halliburton.  The email read: Hello, We may have previously spoken a few years ago regarding Cj Halliburton when I commented on a video or post of yours that he was indeed a special kind of evil. I recently came across your videos again and live streams about this bogus restraining order he tried to get, I'm sorry you had to go through all of that mess it must have been very stressful and fucking frustrating to say the least. The reason I was even looking at anything about that creep is because I have reason to believe he has been "cyber stalking" me if not real stalking me and I am worried about my safety so did some "super sleuthing" myself. This man tried to kill me after keeping me basically a prisoner in a terribly abusive relationship for 2 years while  he beat the shit out of me, drugged and raped me while unconscious which he got on video (I found the videos on his phone shortly before I finally got away from him). It's a long story as to why I believe he is trying to find me or has already found my location again. If you care to hear it I am open to sharing it with you. I have contacted my attorney and been advised on ways to catch him doing this creep show shit or at least document it and she is waiting for even a little bit of documentation that he's broken the no contact order and will waste no time getting the matter before a judge. I have taken other steps to protect myself also.  I know you have so much of your own drama and bullshit to deal with so I don't expect anything from you so you know. I just can't stand that someone so dangerous and awful is still walking around and taking even a moment of my peace or being a menace to others. Thanks for taking the time to read .” 


Furthering our investigation into Halliburton and this email, we reverted back to Halliburton’s Domestic Violence incident report that we released in our first article about the defamatory restraining order that was filed against NSM. In a court criminal complaint filed in 2017 against Halliburton for the Domestic, the victim Marisa Cox alleged Halliburton began to “act aggressive and mean towards her after she told him she was going out with a friend.” Cox claimed Haliburton became “pushy and kept trying to have sex with her.” Cox stated “every time she told him no and mentioned she wanted to leave. Cox stated because she wouldn’t “wantingly have sex with him” Halliburton stormed into the room and pushed her down to the ground.  He then grabbed her foot and started forcibly dragging her against her will towards the living room.” Cox stated she “yelled for Halliburton to let her go, but he aggressively drug her out of the room causing her head to hit the door hinge.” Cox claimed he wanted her out of his bedroom because she wouldn’t have sex with him.” Halliburton then barricaded himself in the house and refused to answer the door for law enforcement. He was booked for Assault 2 DV, bail at $20,000 and a Misdeameanor Warrant BPD Theft 3rd, bail set at $2,500.

During a live stream that Halliburton did attempting to do damage control after this incident became public due to Kevin Mathewson and NSM releasing this document, Halliburton again lied to his viewers claiming the incident was “no big deal”, that he “was trying to get people out of his apartment and someone bumped their head.” That there was no hospital or stitches involved.  He also claimed in his live stream that when he goes live or meets people that his viewers get the “real and honest him.”  This unfortunately is not the case. He lies directly to their face like a true con-man. See The Video Clips Here Of His False Explanation Of What Happened: https://youtu.be/OghhtjK4p7U

Halliburton claims you will get real, honest answers, yet the evidence we found supports he continues to lie and can't be honest.  We'll see what damage control video and ridiculous explanation comes out of this now.

After further investigation into this incident and evidence sent over from our source, NSM found out more about this incident that exposes the live stream story Halliburton told his viewers was in fact far worse than a lie.  NSM was provided images of the incident that document bruising all over Cox’s body along with screen shots from Halliburton’s mother to Cox attempting to “intimidate in order to dissuade a complaint” a plan concocted not only by Halliburton, his mother, but also the Public Defender that represented Halliburton.  During this live stream filled with lies by Halliburton and a fake sob story, his viewers sent him hundreds of dollars of money via online donations.  Halliburton intentionally and knowingly defrauded his viewers by telling lies in order to financially benefit off his victims tragedy.  You can watch his full live stream riddled with sob stories where he consistently plays the victim on his platform.  But don't worry, we downloaded it since he likes to remove videos when he gets caught lying.  We save all our receipts. The documented history of fraud and theft has not stopped and continues currently.

The first text message from Halliburton’s mother Linda reads: “I talked to CJ today. He said to give you his love. What he needs from you is for me to take you to the lawyers office to make a statement that that day you and he were just under the influence of whatever drugs alcohol whatever and that you had fallen and he was helping you up. Otherwise he is looking at six months to a year in jail. Call me in the late.”

Halliburton’s mother would follow that message up with the following: “Did you get my text earlier today?  I talked to CJ today and if you write a letter with a different explanation of what happened that day he can be released from jail sooner. I think?  You told me that you had not signed anything official complaining against him.  So I guess the lawyer has said if you write a letter explaining that both you and him were drunk and high probably from marijuana, and that you had fallen down and he was helping you up when you cut your hand on the door hinges.  Would you be willing to write that kind of letter?  I don’t have a lawyer’s phone number here with me but Adam has it and when I see him this evening I will get the phone number so we know where we can take the letter to.  It will help him not be charged with the felony assault, he will still have to answer for the other things however. Please do not delay and give me a response.”

Halliburton’s mother would later go on to write: “Hi Marissa I just got a call from the court they have come up with a very easy way that you can make a statement without involving the police.  Tomorrow at three we can go to the courthouse and we go and sit in the library and they will come out and take your statement no one will see you no one will know you’re there and there’s nothing the police can do about what you said or you can’t get in trouble because you were doing drugs because the police are not involved.  In other words you’re not gonna be charged for anything.  They could even do a phone conversation with you about what happened.  Chris the man I talked to suggested that everybody just admit they were a little too drunk said some things I shouldn’t of got into a little bit of an argument and people stumbled and things happened.  So tomorrow at 2:30 we go into the courthouse walk down the hall to the public defenders area and wait in the library and they are you can have a private interview or you can have a phone interview or I could just give them the text that you have been sending me. Although they would not be as helpful. Marisa need you to make contact with me, you said this wasn’t a very good way for things to be so this is a way to fix it without getting yourself in any kind of trouble. Please find your courage and your dignity and let’s just do this.”

Next, Linda writes: “Marisa Chris has assured me in no way can you get in trouble.  You did not make a written statement and people are not required to hold to the statement they made at the time of the incident because they are considered to be under duress. This has nothing to do with the law it has to do with the attorneys and the courts decision on CJ.  CJ now has a lemon days of being clean so he’s able to think clearor at least a little clearer.  Marisa you just have to make a phone call and I already sent you Chri’s number and he can take your statement over the phone. Or you can text him.  We need you to rise to the very best you are and take care of this small thing.”

The next series of text messages continue with manipulation tactics by Halliburton’s mother trying to force Cox to recind her complaint to the police along with text communications to third parties of Halliburton inquiring about Cox and her whereabouts while a protective order is in place thus violating that protective order.  With the multitude of images that were sent to NSM regarding this incident, we were also sent a series of images relating to the allegations that Halliburton is still stalking Cox despite a protective order along with more allegations in the email that claimed that Halliburton was involved in “Fake Abortion Scams” on top of everything else in his criminal background of theft, fraud, violence and methamphetamine drug use. In the video NSM provided, Halliburton alleges the incident was no big deal.  The pictures below show the incident was far worse than Halliburton tells his viewers.  NSM is not showing the images of Cox' face due to privacy for the victim.


Halliburton has a documented history of theft and alleged fraud in the State of Washington.  In 2011 a lawsuit was filed against Halliburton and an associate of his for “theft of money” for a MMA event that Halliburton promoted.  The lawsuit alleged the promoters Jennifer Manley and Carl Halliburton whose business is called Revolution Republiq took all the money from tickets sold at the door for an event and have not repaid Sk8town for up-front expenses incurred in staging the event, nor have they split the net proceeds with Sk8town after expenses were covered, as the contract called for.  The lawsuit further claimed that Manley, who also goes by the name Jenn Akopian, set up accounts under three different names with the company that handled advance ticket sales online, and that funds from advance sales went into those accounts.  Sk8town was granted an injunction to block any further disbursement of funds from the ticket sales company.  NSM is working to gather more documentation regarding this incident.


Before we get into the lengthy rules and regulations regarding fundraising in the State of Wisconsin, we need to address the CJTV Articles of Organization that was also fraudulently filed with the State of Maryland. Maryland?? yes, that's right, CJTV Media LLC was filed in Maryland where on official government documents, Halliburton claims to reside in the State of Maryland, yet at the time this was filed, he resided in the State of Washington. Everything surrounding Halliburton is continued fraud and constant lies with the general public, business ventures and government filings. Let's not forget his possession of body armor as a convicted felon in the State of Washington, now coming to Wisconsin where there are no loop holes for him to fall in that allows him to possess that piece of safety equipment.


Regarding the fundraising that Halliburton has done throughout various cities in Southeast Wisconsin, NSM was tipped off by a confidential source close to Halliburton about alleged misappropriation of funds which started our investigation into Halliburton committing fraud in the State of Wisconsin. Halliburton knows that he can always “con” Wisconsin residents out of money with his lies. It is extremely suspect that he has now moved to Wisconsin following allegations of stalking out of Washington and his new found friendship with one of the most dangerous people in Southeast Wisconsin; Kevin Mathewson.  For safety and law enforcement investigative purposes NSM is not publicly displaying the stalking evidence we were provided at this time regarding Halliburton and Cox. See our video regarding Mathewson Here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfyNV-bC7ps&t=8319s

Kenosha County Residents Speak Out Against Mathewson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMCB1Spf7ww

Under Wisconsin Statute 202.14 it states the following:

No charitable organization, fund-raising counsel, or professional fund-raiser may, in the conduct of his, her, or its affairs, including the planning, management, or execution of a solicitation or charitable sales promotion, do any of the following: Use an unfair or deceptive act or practice. Imply that a contribution is for or on behalf of a charitable organization or use any emblem, device, or printed matter belonging to or associated with a charitable organization without first being authorized in writing to do so by the charitable organization. Use a name, symbol, or statement so closely related or similar to that used by another charitable organization that the use of the name, symbol, or statement would tend to confuse or mislead a person being solicited. Represent or lead anyone in any manner to believe that the person on whose behalf a solicitation or charitable sales promotion is being conducted is a charitable organization or that the proceeds of the solicitation or charitable sales promotion will be used for charitable purposes if that is not the fact. Lead anyone in any manner to believe that another person sponsors, endorses, or approves a solicitation or charitable sales promotion if the other person has not sponsored, endorsed, or approved the solicitation or charitable sales promotion in writing. Use the fact of registration to lead any person to believe that the registration constitutes an endorsement or approval by the state. Represent directly or by implication that a charitable organization will receive a fixed or estimated percentage of the total funds collected greater than that established under s. 202.14 (4). Represent or cause another to represent that contributions are tax-deductible unless they so qualify under the federal Internal Revenue Code. Represent or cause another to represent that the person has previously approved or agreed to make a contribution when in fact the person has not given this approval or agreement. Represent or cause another to represent that the person has previously contributed to the same organization or for the same purpose when in fact the person has not so contributed. Fail to apply contributions in a manner substantially consistent with the solicitation or the purposes expressed in the solicitation. Represent in any manner that registration constitutes an endorsement or approval by the department or the department of justice. In deciding whether an act or practice is unfair or deceptive within the meaning of sub. (1) (a), definitions, standards and interpretations relating to unfair or deceptive acts or practices under chs. 421 to 427 apply.

There are specific regulations for professional “fundraisers” which Halliburton isn’t, unless you consider is criminal activity of fundraising to be professional, but further under Wisconsin Statute the regulation of actual professionals is as follows none of which has Halliburton followed:

Regulation of professional fund-raisers, No professional fund-raiser may solicit in this state for a charitable organization that is required to be registered under s. 202.12 (1) unless the professional fund-raiser is registered under this subsection. Bond. At the time of applying for registration under sub. (1), a professional fund-raiser shall file with and have approved by the department a bond, in which the professional fund-raiser is the principal obligor, in the sum of $20,000. If a professional fund-raiser does not at any time have custody of any contributions, the bond shall be in the sum of $5,000. The professional fund-raiser shall maintain the bond in effect as long as the registration is in effect. The bond, which shall be in a form prescribed by and acceptable to the department, shall run to the state and to any person who may have a cause of action against the principal obligor of the bond for any liabilities resulting from the obligor's conduct of any activities as a professional fund-raiser or arising out of a violation of this subchapter or the rules promulgated under this subchapter. Annual report. Each professional fund-raiser registered under sub. (1) shall, on or before March 31 of each year, file a report with the department giving such reasonable and relevant information as the department may require concerning the business and operations conducted by the registrant. This report shall be in the form prescribed by the department. Before performing services under a contract with a charitable organization that is required to be registered under s. 202.12 (1), a professional fund-raiser shall file with the department a completed solicitation notice in the form and manner prescribed by the department. Forms prescribed by the department under this paragraph may contain any content or requirement that the department, in its discretion, determines necessary. The charitable organization on whose behalf the professional fund-raiser is acting shall file with the department a written confirmation that the solicitation notice and any accompanying material are true and complete to the best of its knowledge. Within 7 days after any material change occurs in information filed with the department under par. (am), the professional fund-raiser shall report the change, in writing, to the department. A professional fund-raiser may not solicit contributions on behalf of a charitable organization that is required to be registered under s. 202.12 (1) unless the professional fund-raiser has executed a written contract with the charitable organization that clearly states the respective obligations of the professional fund-raiser and the charitable organization.

The contract required under par. (a) shall include all of the following: The name of the professional fund-raiser. The name of the charitable organization. The beginning and expiration dates of the contract. The terms of the contract, including a clear description of the services to be performed by the professional fund-raiser. A clear statement of the financial arrangement between the professional fund-raiser and the charitable organization, including, if applicable, a statement of all of the following: The percentage or dollar amount of the total funds collected on behalf of the charitable organization that shall be paid to, or retained by, the charitable organization. The percentage or dollar amount of the total funds collected on behalf of the charitable organization that shall be paid to the professional fund-raiser or any other person for purposes other than the exclusive benefit of the charitable organization's charitable purposes. The fixed fee, if any, to be received by the professional fund-raiser. All contractual expenses to be incurred by the professional fund-raiser but charged to the charitable organization. This list of expenses shall contain specific dollar amounts or projected estimates of these costs. The costs per unit for the services to be provided and the projected number of units to be provided. The signature of an owner or principal officer of the professional fund-raiser and the signatures of 2 authorized officers, directors, or trustees of the charitable organization. Financial report. Within 90 days after completing services under a contract described in sub. (4), and on the anniversary of the signing of a contract described under sub. (4) lasting more than one year, the professional fund-raiser shall, if the charitable organization is required to be registered under s. 202.12 (1), account in writing to the charitable organization for all contributions received and all expenses incurred under the contract. The professional fund-raiser shall retain the accounting for at least 3 years and make it available to the department upon request. Depositing contributions. A professional fund-raiser shall deposit, in its entirety, a contribution of money received by the professional fund-raiser, on behalf of a charitable organization required to be registered under s. 202.12 (1), in an account at a financial institution within 5 days after its receipt. The account shall be in the name of the charitable organization. The charitable organization shall have sole control of all withdrawals from the account. During the period in which a contract described in sub. (4) is in effect and for not less than 3 years after its completion, a professional fund-raiser shall retain all of the following records: The name and, if known to the professional fund-raiser, the address of each person contributing and the date and amount of the contribution. The name and residence address of each employee, agent, or other person involved in the solicitation. A record of all contributions that are at any time in the custody of the professional fund-raiser. A record of all expenses incurred by the professional fund-raiser which the charitable organization is required to pay.  A record of the location and account number of each financial institution account in which the professional fund-raiser deposits contributions. If under a contract described in sub. (4) the professional fund-raiser sells tickets to an event and represents that the tickets will be donated to an organization for use by others, the professional fund-raiser shall retain for the period specified in par. (a) all of the following: The name and address of the donors and the number of tickets donated by each donor. The name and address of the organization receiving donated tickets and the number of donated tickets received by the organization. The professional fund-raiser shall make all records described in this subsection available for inspection by the department upon request.

Prior to orally requesting a contribution or contemporaneously with a written request for a contribution, a professional fund-raiser shall clearly and conspicuously disclose all of the following: The name of the charitable organization, as it appears on file with the department, on whose behalf the solicitation is being made. A clear description of the primary charitable purpose for which the solicitation is made. That the contribution is not tax-deductible, if this disclosure is applicable. The name of the professional fund-raiser, as it appears on file with the department, and that the solicitation is being conducted by a professional fund-raiser who is being paid for his, her, or its services. If the individual acting on behalf of the professional fund-raiser identifies himself or herself by name, the individual's legal name. Upon request by a person from whom a charitable contribution is sought, the percentage of the contribution that will be paid to the charitable organization as a result of the person's contribution. If the professional fund-raiser does not receive a percentage of the contribution, the professional fund-raiser shall disclose the dollar amount it was to or will receive. If a solicitation is made orally, including a solicitation made by telephone, the professional fund-raiser shall, within 5 days after the solicitation, send to each person contributing or pledging to contribute a written confirmation, receipt, or reminder of the contribution. In addition to the information required by par. (a) 1. to 5., any written solicitation, and any confirmation, receipt, or reminder required by par. (b), shall, unless the charitable organization has obtained a disclosure exemption under s. 202.12 (6m) (e), conspicuously state the following verbatim: “A financial statement of the charitable organization disclosing assets, liabilities, fund balances, revenue, and expenses for the preceding fiscal year will be provided to any person upon request." The financial statement under par. (c) shall, at a minimum, divide expenses into categories of management and general, program services, and fund-raising. If the charitable organization is required to file financial information with its annual report under s. 202.12 (3), the financial statement under par. (c) shall be consistent with the financial information reported in that annual report. The professional fund-raiser may not represent that tickets to an event will be donated to an organization for use by others unless all of the following conditions are met: The professional fund-raiser has a commitment, in writing, from the organization stating that the organization will accept donated tickets and specifying the number of donated tickets that the organization is willing to accept. The professional fund-raiser solicits contributions for donated tickets from no more contributors than the number of tickets that the organization has agreed to accept under subd. 1. The disclosures required by this subsection are required unless the professional fund-raiser is soliciting a contribution for a charitable organization that is not required to be registered under s. 202.12 (1).

Halliburton is an extremely dangerous individual who continues to con his viewers out of money with his lies, and deceptive practices.  For residents of Southeast Wisconsin and other cities and states that Halliburton travels to, beware, you have a professional con-man coming to a city near you.  Women need to be extremely leary of this grifting criminal with his documented violent and volatile history and aggression towards woman and manipulative tactics to get what he wants from them.  The entire Halliburton family seems to engage in criminal and questionable actions. These are not people to trust or donate money to.  Continuing to follow his platform is at a viewer-discretion advised, you will be con’d out of your money.

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