What Really Happened With CJTV's Restraining Order Against Me

August 23rd 2020, Kenosha Wisconsin would erupt into another city with riots over the shooting of a black man.  For nine days, protests were held during the day, and riotous activity was done at night.  Never Stop Media has been investigating what really happened in Kenosha during those nine days and why it was able to get so far out of hand.  Out of the 51+ agencies that we were able to figure out were in Kenosha, we have only been able to obtain records from 25 of those agencies due to the cost involved.  But from those 25 agencies we have been able to upload hundreds of never before seen bodycam and gopro footage from various departments, scanner audio along with thousands of documents.  We still need the publics help generating funds to pay for more open records requests since NSM is a publicly funded news company.

Now, most people know that myself, Andrew Mercado from Mercado Media Productions and Carl Haliburton from CJTV became pretty close during the first three days of the Kenosha Riots especially on August 25th 2020 during the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting incident.  From being close, it meant I knew things that the general public did not.  Over time I began to separate myself from the professional relationship with CJTV as did Mercado Media.  Mercado Media issued a press release formally severing ties with CJTV.  I stayed a bit more quiet about it.

During my investigation into Kenosha, I began to hear things about CJTV along with things I had already known that Haliburton lied to the general public about.  Again, I stayed quiet trying to focus on my own company and the investigations NSM was conducting.  That silence was about to change.

November 8th 2021 during the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, I was invited on the Raw Topic platform to do a reaction video live during the trial.  During the live stream there were so many opinions and comments coming through.  Anyone who has ever watched a Never Stop Media live stream knows I don’t tolerate ignorant comments and racism.  When I’m on the Raw Topic platform that standard still applies.  After a series of comments I finally had enough, and told those viewers to stop, that they could go on Fox6, PBS and CJTV where they allow those comments and apparently CJTV helps the defense team so his platform would welcome the type of comments coming through.  For clarification, anyone that has ever watched CJTV knows that he allows ignorant right-wing comments to come through. 

Later that night around 12:17am (technically now Nov. 9th 2021) I received a text message from an unknown number.  The text had a video clip attached with the words “what’s really going on Kev?”.  I had no idea who this was but as the text messages came through I quickly figured it out.  For the next 15 minutes or so CJ and I went back and forth via text.  At one point I responded “I’m the wrong person to attack my friend.  Publicly I’ve kept this the status quo the three of us are all pals.  U don’t want me addressing anything other than we’re all friends and respect each other.  Keep helping Rittenhouse, hanging with proud boys and attacking ur old streamer friends and ill keep saying cj is great like ive been doing.  Or since u like live streaming private convos like u did in Kenosha we can address this live if u want but ur audience may not like the 1st hand knowledge I have.”  Shortly after CJ called my phone which turned into an hour long argument.  When the phone call ended, I went live and aired out the text messages and the phone call as well as another video telling our viewers all of the things that CJ lied about to the general public that he gained financially from.

Fast forward to November 21st 2021, two days after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict where he was found not guilty a protest was happening against the verdict.  I went to Kenosha to film the protest and so did CJ.  During this protest CJ would consistently approach me from behind to the point I had to keep walking away to film from a different vantage point.  At one point while standing on the sidewalk several hundred feet away from CJ filming the protest, CJ made it a point to walk directly in my line of view within inches of me.  As his arm brushed up against mine, I told him to “move around tourist” and as I turned my body CJ shoulder checked me which resulted in me coming close to falling down.  This would lead to two verbal altercations between the two of us.  When the protest was over, I went my separate way because I had other things I needed to get done while I was in Kenosha.

On November 28th 2021, I would get an email from none other than Kevin Mathewson asking me if I wanted to comment on my new charges.  He likes to email me so he can write more defamatory and false light articles about me.  I had no idea what he was talking about and asked him to send me the paperwork he was referring to.  He emailed me a complaint that was filed with the courts by CJ alleging some pretty serious allegations.  In the complaint Haliburton alleges that Glowicki has "continually stalked me via my businesses live stream".  Haliburton goes on in the complaint to allege Glowicki "continually encouraging people to find me and "aim for the head" as a reference to shooting me".  Haliburton states in the complaint that "his continued threats have made it to the public".  In the complaint, Haliburton alleges "Kevin sought me out and began shoving me and threatening me".  Haliburton goes on to state in the complaint that Glowicki encourages crowds to "kick his ass" and "fuck him up".  He continues to allege that Glowicki has also made threats against Haliburton's sister. Read NSM's original article about this here:


This isn’t the first time someone has tried to falsely claim that I personally or my company Never Stop Media has done something that we haven’t.  We get people all the time misquoting me and the company, saying we’ve done something that we didn’t or that we were somewhere that we weren’t.  Hundreds of attacks have come in attempting to discredit the news that we put out and none of the attacks have been successful thus far.  I was never served the restraining order paperwork because no one knows where I actually live due to death threats that I receive constantly.  But I did see that I had a court date so after some legal advice I showed up.  On December 6th 2021 I arrived at the Kenosha County Courthouse in the intake building for my hearing.

CJ spoke first as this was his hearing and then the court commissioner looked at me.  I immediately asked for a continuance due to lack of service.  The commissioner looked in his computer and saw that I in fact was not served and looked back at CJ.  CJ confirmed I wasn’t served but argued that I knew about the court date and even did videos about it.  The commissioner asked how I knew about it, so I explained that I received an email from Mathewson who of course was in court taking pictures, and saw that I did in fact have a court hearing but that I had no factual idea why because what I could see online only says petitioner, not who it actually is and I never received the actual complaint and couldn’t verify that what I received from Mathewson were true and correct document.  The commissioner at that point had me officially served and was scheduling a new date.  CJ did not like this and proceeded to argue with the commissioner.  Commissioner Keating did not like this and stated that it was not fair to be served in court not knowing what was happening and not allow me an adequate defense against the allegations.  Once again CJ stomped his feet.  The next court hearing was scheduled for January 25th 2022 because CJ said he was unavailable for the entire month of December and of course there were several holidays coming up.

Now, for those not familiar with how restraining orders work in Wisconsin, let me explain.  Once a complaint is filed and the courts approve it, the sheriff’s department will attempt to serve the complaint on the individual.  This is a temporary restraining order and there is typically a court hearing within a week.  At that hearing both sides tell their story and present evidence and any witnesses.  There is no time to prepare like you see in other cases.  I knew this going in and also knew that since I wasn’t properly served (lack of service argument) that the case would be rescheduled.  I’m not going to lie, the fact that my next hearing was January 25th 2022 kind of hurt a bit.  I couldn’t talk about the case as we were both told not to despite both being live streamers.  A lot of people saw that there was a restraining order and ended up believing that I did in fact do the things Haliburton alleged.  We lost quite a bit of followers because of this initial issue.

During this time I hired one of my attorney’s and we began to prepare for the next court hearing.  When we all arrived on January 25th 2022 the hearing officially started.  And of course Kevin Mathewson was there again taking pictures.  For those of you who don’t know who Kevin Mathewson is, he is the Commander of the Kenosha Guard, a militia group in Kenosha and the man responsible for bringing armed militia to Kenosha.  He’s a former Kenosha Alderman, turned private investigator and wannabe journalist.

Something very important from the first court date that I had to do was fill out a firearms document.  For those that don’t know if you have a restraining order you have to fill this document out and surrender any firearms you may have.  On the bottom of that form you have to fill out your contact information, which I did, other than my address.  The court clerk proceeded to tell me I had to write my address. 

As I was quietly trying to protest this and give reasons why, Commissioner Keating could hear what I was saying and snapped on me.  This was a bit of back and forth argument between the two of us because I was trying to bring up a safety issue with the court.  I knew Mathewson would file an open records request to get this document because it had my address on it and he has been trying to get my address for over a year.  After I finally explained why the address was an issue and that I feared for my safety, the commissioner stated I could write down a P.O. Box.  The court needed an address where they could get a hold of me and send mail that I would receive.  I clarified this answer, and then wrote down the address where my business is registered and also where I receive mail.  Pay very close attention to the address listed on this document.  "2117 35th Pl.  Kenosha, WI 53140.

Back to January 25th 2022.  The address issue was one of the first things that CJ brought up to the court and stated that I had filed a fraudulent address with the courts.  I already knew this was coming because I was tipped off via emails from Mathewson and others who we believe to be Mathewson under false names.  My attorney, being an officer of the court stated the address filed on the document was in fact a valid address where the court could get a hold of me and to her understanding from the first court date that I was instructed I could write down a P.O. Box or other form of address so long as the courts were able to contact me.  CJ, presented a document to the court which was a letter that the court had mailed to me and on the envelope wrote “does not live here, stop sending his mail here”.  Now at this point my attorney and I freaked out.  I assured her that the address I wrote down was valid.  Because we had no knowledge of the letter the proceeding moved on and I was instructed that we would get a copy of the letter to address later on.  Notice the address on this envelope, 1501 24th St. Kenosha WI.  It's completely different.  The court mailed a letter to the wrong address.  CJ and Mathewson had both of the documents and knew the addresses were different and yet tried to deceive the court that I was the one who had done something illegal.  We would find out later that Mathewson sat outside my friend's house for days waiting to see if I showed up to the address knowing full well I don't live there, nor was I asked to provide an address where I lived, just an address where I would receive mail.

All witnesses were instructed to wait outside of the courtroom so they couldn’t hear testimony.  CJ stated he had one witness, we stated we weren’t calling any witnesses.  CJ called his first witness, Emily Carlini who is a Kenosha resident.  Carlini proceeded to testify that she observed me multiple times approaching CJ, verbally threatening him, attacking him, stalking him and testified to a  few other things similar to the complaint filed.  CJ played some video clips to coincide with the testimony.  They just lacked the threatening, attacking and stalking element.  One video they played was a clip taken after CJ assaulted me where some of the protestors had some choice words for him.  This is where protestors first took notice to him, not because I said something to them. The video which Carlini took continued to show protestors who were open carrying firearms.  She testified that these protestors were ready to use their guns on CJ despite the video not showing anything remotely close to this.  They also played another clip of one of the arguments that CJ and I had gotten into which was conveniently cut short right before CJ threatens me for a second time and tries to provoke a fight.  Once Carlini was done testifying she exited the witness stand, deliberately walked passed me and smiled.  CJ then tried to call Kevin Mathewson to the stand to testify.  Keating immediately shut this down because Mathewson had been in the courtroom the entire time listening to testimony and he wasn’t listed as a witness.  A feeble attempt by CJ to improperly get evidence in.  So now it’s time for CJ to testify.  The first thing CJ tries to do is enter a document into evidence.  This document was a sworn and signed affidavit from Mathewson where he went and played private investigator and that I in fact did not live at the address written on the firearms document.  My attorney objects and Keating immediately shuts this down again, because CJ was trying to testify under the hearsay rule and admit evidence improperly.  After a bit of argument about this he was denied and told to move on.  They fabricated this evidence in an attempt to have me charged with contempt of court and jailed.

Let’s get into the actual evidence CJ entered in because this is where the liar most of know really will show his true colors.  CJ testifies that we were at the November 21st protest and how I stalked him throughout the event.  Conveniently he shows clips where the two of us are close to each other to prove his point that I was approaching him.  He proceeded to play video clips where he had altered the captions.  The captions written down did not match the audio from the video clips he played.  He played a video clip of one of the verbal arguments where at the end of it I laughed and said “why so you can claim self-defense?”  For me it was a dig at him for helping the defense during the Rittenhouse Trial, but also because he had just threatened me with physical violence after he had just physically assaulted me.  CJ asked Keating if he heard the audio or if he should play it again.  Keating stated he heard it.  Another video that CJ played was a clip taken from a live stream I did talking to viewers while having a few too many glasses of wine.  In this clip I mentioned that a certain someone should probably drop their case before I sue them for defamation.  CJ testified that he felt this was a threat to intimidate him to drop the case.  This was done in an attempt to have me criminally charged with intimidation to a witness to dissuade a complaint.  The interesting thing about this clip was it was not titled the same as the video uploaded to my YouTube page.  He altered it.  I’m assuming he had help from Mathewson because this clip is on Mathewson’s YouTube channel.  The other interesting thing about this clip was that it was dated December 6th which was the same day that I was served the paperwork in court at the last hearing.  I laughed a bit and wrote a note to my attorney that they tampered with the video.  The original video was actually uploaded December 5th 2021, the day before court and was titled "Q & A with NSM".  Not only did they change the title of the video but they changed the date that it was uploaded.  Here’s the other thing, they screen recorded the video that they were showing in court.  The interesting thing is that nowhere on this screen was the Never Stop Media logo which would have appeared on the screen recording.  It didn’t even have Mathewson’s logo on it from when he uploaded the clip onto his channel conveniently on December 6th, hours after I was served.  I laughed again and wrote down the discrepancies because I knew they tampered with this video.  Instead of arguing the video at that point we let it play out.  We just argued that the video was not original.

Another video shown by CJ while he was testifying he played a clip of a rap that I did.  I laughed again under my covid mask because as soon as I hear the lyrics I knew he tampered with this video as well.  He played an entire paragraphs long verse when the actual lyrics about him are only four lines.  Here are the actual lyrics about CJ:

CJ switching sides like a tranny switching sexes

All you do is chase clout, mother fucker I’m calling you out

But really, I don’t care who’s in the right

But you’re losin the fight you picked

He took lyrics from other parts of the song that had nothing to do with him and cut and pasted them together trying to prove his point about other things I said in the song being about him.  Another thing I noticed as the video was playing was that the title and upload date of this video was also wrong.  The title on his video showed “CJ”.  I’ve never had a video titled “CJ” on my platform.  I don’t recall the upload date on his video but on the original video was uploaded November 29th 2021 and the title of the video is “Neil Kiernan of V-Radio Exposed”.  This was another video he tampered with trying to deceive the court.

He goes on and plays a few other video clips where the captions again don’t actually match the audio and he tries to make sure the commissioner sees the captions as he talks over the audio.  Several other video clips that he plays are from his live stream where again he conveniently cuts the clip short before he talks.  In all the videos shown we challenged the “completeness” of the videos which is standard.  We wanted him to talk and say everything he wanted to say on that witness stand because we were going to not only discredit every video he played, every piece of testimony stated including his witness Emily Carlini, we were going to use thousands of hours of video evidence against him including his own video that he bragged about being “best evidence”.  My attorney cross examined him so we could have him commit to specific answers.  The biggest thing that we needed to accomplish was for him to admit he was a public figure.  Interestingly enough during his testimony he never testified nor showed any evidence pertaining to any of the allegations in the complaint.  The closest he came to the complaint was how I stalked his live streams which he stated were public and then contradicted himself that I would not have any access to any of his business stuff to know anything about it, yet the complaint was specific that I stalked his business.  He never testified that I threatened to shoot him or have others shoot him or attack him.  He never testified that I threatened his sister.  Everything he alleged in the complaint he never testified to and never showed any evidence for anything alleged in the complaint.

One thing that caught us off guard during his testimony that was not in his complaint was he stated under oath that I attacked him on the courthouse steps during the Rittenhouse Trial.  My attorney and I looked at each other and I laughed again.  What CJ would not have known when he said this was that I had filed an open records request for the 8 exterior cameras and 2 interior cameras of the courthouse from November 1st to November 20th which covered the entire Rittenhouse Trial.  These 10 cameras showed over 2,000 hours of footage of the courthouse from every angle covering the front, side and rear of the courthouse and the inside as you walk in by the metal detectors.  I smiled knowing I had thousands of hours of footage that would show he just lied under oath about an attack that never happened.  A lot of viewers have asked why I'm uploading these videos to the YouTube Channel.  Well, there are two answers for this.  Number one, Mathewson would claim that BLM was out there violently attacking people.  This rhetoric was not true and anyone watching live streams or main stream media stations would have seen this was not true.  He was attempting to agitate people so militia would show up and we would have another violent and deadly encounter like we did in August 2020.  The Kenosha Police Chief Larsen would publicly admonish Mathewson, clearly stating that his post was not true.  The second reason, now that I'm able to talk about all this is to show the public that at no time did I ever attack CJ during the Rittenhouse Trial and I have thousands of hours of footage to prove that.

Due to timing that day there was not enough time for my testimony so we had to reschedule another court date.  CJ was not happy about this and proceeded to argue with Keating about how he had to fly from Seattle to Kenosha every time.  Keating proceeded to tell him that he was not going to rush me through my testimony when CJ had all day to present his evidence.  He stomped his feet again.  Then he asked for our evidence which we objected to.  In these types of cases each side is not required to hand over evidence like you see in criminal cases with discovery.  Because we didn’t enter any evidence into the record yet we weren’t required to hand anything over.  Once again CJ stomped his feet and would later deny handing any of the videos he played in court over to us.  During court when we asked for them so we could play them as evidence, he said he did not bring them with, even though he had his laptop that he used previously.

Court was adjourned for the day and I still have this temporary restraining order lingering over my head which is hurting my company and credibility every day this thing is still attached to me.  The next court date wasn’t until March 30th 2022 because once again CJ stated he was busy the entire month of February and most of March.  A statement that would get him admonished on the next hearing date because he blamed Keating for stalling the case.  He continued to stall to prevent me from exposing him.

So, here we show up again on March 30th 2022, and now it’s my time to testify.  My attorney starts with asking me who I am and what I do for a living.  She asks what type of journalism I do and what that all entails.  I respond that I do investigative journalism, I write articles, I pre-record videos, I live stream, I investigate things, I file open records requests etc.  We’re trying to lay this foundation of me also being a public figure and to explain why I’m also at this event and videotaping it.  We needed to explain the investigation aspect of my job because doing so would lead to things I would find out about CJ and come to completely distance myself away from him.  I testified to the comment I made on Raw Topic’s platform and how I received text messages from a number I did not know and then how I got a phone call from CJ.  I spoke about what was said in the phone call and text messages.  CJ would deny knowing anything about the messages or the phone call, so we weren't able to get any of it in as direct evidence, but I was still allowed to testify to it.  I was pretty exact with my testimony regarding who contacted who first.  I didn't have his phone number, nor have I initiated any contact with him, so of course he would object to any evidence that showed something different.  I testified to the reasons that made me walk away from CJ and come to not trust the things he was saying.  This was a bit of a challenge because I wasn’t allowed to discuss left vs. right, or mention anything to do with militia or Proud Boys, even though CJ was able to mention Proud Boys.  We got into the video clips that were shown by CJ and now came the time to rip them apart.

We addressed the tampering with the videos where the titles and dates were altered.  CJ claimed during his testimony that these videos were taken down by YouTube for violating their policies for violence.  Once again he would have no idea that these videos in fact were not taken down, I just made them private and they are still visible from the back end of my platform.  I testified to the dates and the actual titles of the videos and more specifically how someone could alter these things.  Let me explain that to you now.  If you take a YouTube video and download it, and then upload that video to a different YouTube channel, it would now show the date you uploaded that video.  That piece of information you cannot change.  Once you upload the video you’re now able to change the title and any other descriptions.  If someone did this, then their upload would not match anything from the original video.  I testified how we took screen shots of the backend of my channel and how I could pull up on my phone to show the true and correct version of the original videos did in fact exist and were not the same as the video shown to the court in an effort to deceive the court.  I testified to the rap song that that was also tampered with and what was done with that and had to read the four lines out loud in court for again what the true and correct verbiage was.  I used the words true and correct a lot in my testimony since so much was altered in CJ’s version.  I testified that I in fact did not attack CJ on the courthouse steps and testified to the open records request that I filed and how I obtained 20 days’ worth of 10 different cameras showing 2,000 hours of video footage that was available for the court to view.  I also testified to the hundreds of hours covering 19 days’ worth of my live streams and CJ’s live streams during the Rittenhouse Trial which also did not show any attack.  I spoke about the hundreds of other hours of video I monitored from various news outlets and individuals who were either live streaming or pre-recording videos, all of which were available for the court to view.  This was well over 3,000 hours of video footage I tracked down to disprove one of the biggest lies told by CJ.  By the time we were done addressing all of the tampered with evidence, Mathewson quietly packed up his belongings and quickly exited the courthouse.  I believe he was afraid he was going to get caught tampering with evidence in an attempt to deceive the court.  He also stopped writing about me.

The next big thing we needed to address was CJ’s claim that I stalked him throughout the entire protest threatening him.  So, we used what CJ referred to as “best evidence”, his own live stream.  We had time stamped every clip in the video that showed a continuous pattern.  CJ constantly approaching me and me walking away.  We used his own evidence and dozens of clips to disprove that I stalked him and every time he came near me I walked away from him.  His own video showed how he intentionally kept approaching me.  Some clips showed him going out of his way to come near me.  One of those clips was when I told him to “move around tourist”.  It is clear in his video that I am several hundred feet in front of him stopped on a sidewalk filming the protest and he crosses the street and intentionally walks up to me and passed me on the sidewalk.  You can hear me tell him to “move around tourist” which he claimed was “go home tourist” according to the captions he wrote on his video clip and testified to.  To prove this point even further, we played my video clip of this incident which can be heard even clearer and also shows how close CJ was to me.  We then went to the next clip of CJ’s live stream where he testified he kept telling me to “give him space” again a clip that was conveniently cut short.  In this clip you can hear me clearly agitated accusing him of dropping his shoulder into me and assaulting me.  CJ would testify that I told him if he touched me again I would stomp him to the ground.  The true and correct verbiage to this incident was “if he dropped his fucking shoulder into me again I would make sure he was pushed out of this crowd”.  CJ would challenge me on this multiple times during cross examination.  We then played a clip a little further up in this argument that would show that at no time did I entice anyone in the crowd to attack him and that nobody pulled any guns on him.  Individuals who were armed were either protest security or a random individual that I did not know and at no time did anyone threaten him with a gun.

One thing I’m going to note which was not brought up in trial because no video was actually shown.  Remember Emily Carlini who made sure to video tape encounters with CJ?  Emily was videotaping this verbal exchange between CJ and me.  According to the two of them in their testimony I kept putting my hand on CJ assaulting him which he also claims in his live stream.  The funny thing is if this actually happened, you would think Emily would have shown this video of me assaulting CJ especially considering she was right there with her phone holding it up recording the encounter.  Probably due to the fact the video would have shown at no time did I ever put my hands on CJ like he claimed in his live stream and they both testified to.

I would go on to testify about the “self-defense” comment I made about how I was just attacked and CJ provoked me again, and how I wasn’t quite sure of the self-defense laws.  Shortly after another verbal exchange between us happened just up the block a little further.  Once again CJ approached me and I can be seen walking away from him while we are arguing.  In his live stream he provokes me to meet him any time any place.  Statements like these discredit his statements and testimony that he fears for his safety when he's caught on camera provoking a fight.  During this exchange I can be heard telling CJ he should go back to the park because that’s where his friends were and he should film them, referring to the 3%ers who were lurking around the park since CJ is close with militia and from my Kenosha investigation I found a post from militia that CJ shared.  Interesting how during that time he claimed to be elevating protestors voices but he was sharing posts by militia which ultimately helped organize them further, consequently putting both mine and Andrew Mercado’s lives in danger on August 25th 2020 amongst the hundreds of others who were out there.


My testimony took all day so we rescheduled to finish the very next day March 31st 2021.  When CJ cross examined me it didn’t go well for him.  I’m actually pretty good at testifying in open court.  I watched him during several hearing dates already pouting, stomping his feet, arguing with the commissioner and talking to the commissioner like they were surfers down at the beach.  I knew he would get rattled very easily.  So during his ridiculous questions I would correct him constantly with verbiage like, “the true and correct verbiage Mr. Halliburton” or “I don’t understand your question, can you rephrase it” or “are you going to allow me to answer your question or keep cutting me off”.  He got flustered very quickly and most times skipped over his questions and moved onto a different question.  Every time he came at me and tried to play a video clip, my testimony shut it down.  He got very discouraged and finally gave up asking me questions.  There were several times he asked the judge to instruct me to answer the question he asked in which Keating did.  My response was always, “I’m sorry your honor, I thought I took an oath to tell the whole truth”.  Keating would just chuckle and say yes that’s true but just answer his question and then your attorney can redirect if she needs to.  I called him out consistently with what the actual truth was and called out his evidence that he tampered with and even at one point in one of my answers stated “the real reason we are here with this restraining order is your attempt to silence me so I can’t continue to expose you as a fraud to your viewers, you should let the commissioner know that”.

By the time it was all said and done, both sides laid out there closing arguments.  CJ had to be reminded a few times during his because he was testifying instead of presenting an argument to what his evidence didn’t show.  Our closing argument was a strong First Amendment argument.  See, when it comes to public figures, we have a right to criticize them, which gives a higher burden when someone tries to claim being stalked, provided you’re not actually stalking them.  A lot of the things CJ testified to where his feelings were hurt, I had a First Amendment protection regardless of how I said things.  Keating during his ruling would go so far as to call me rude, crass, and abrasive at times, but nothing I said was illegal.  Everything I said I had a First Amendment protection to say.  He would go on to say that at no time in the evidence did he see from CJ support any of the claims he made against me.  In the end, the case was dismissed in my favor.

For me it’s interesting that CJ would go so far to tell a lie in order to prevent other lies from being exposed.  He has made thousands of dollars off his viewers by lying to them and he knew I had the power to expose those lies, even if CJ views me as weak.  He brags about having “receipts” or evidence for everything he claims when he talks on his live streams and yet when he needed those “receipts” the most, he couldn’t provide a single one to back up his story.  He was so desperate to cover these lies up that he accepted the help from one of the most dangerous militia members in Kenosha to tamper with evidence and fabricate evidence trying to have me thrown in jail.  They plotted together trying to expose my address even though CJ is well aware of the death threats I get and he was ok, using the court system in attempt to get my address that would put my life in jeopardy.  He sat in a courtroom for months and lied to a court commissioner, lied on official court documents claiming multiple defamatory statements that someone (me) wanted to shoot and kill him and yet couldn’t provide a single piece of evidence to show it.  He was defeated with his own evidence that he presented.  The thousands of hours of video I testified too weren’t even needed, but it damn sure helped seal the dismissal of the case.

At some point he’ll see this article and brush it off like it doesn’t exist.  When his viewers try to bring it up they will get blocked and banned like he has done before to viewers who question his lies that he tells.  He may even come out with a video telling more lies.  All he had to do was stop contacting me as I stated to him before, but he couldn’t do that.  He had to take it a step further.  He waited 7 days to file his defamatory restraining order, he recruited the help of a dangerous militia member, he recruited the help of a Kenosha resident who also lied under oath to help him, and he tampered with evidence.

November 9th 2021 after CJ initiated contact with me, I set out to expose his lies to the public.  I went through 4 months of court hearings, lost viewers, had my integrity questioned, lost income due to his lie to prevent Never Stop Media from exposing him as a fraud.  I had to wait months before I was able to legally tell my side of the story while hundreds of people judged me.  Well, now it’s my time to tell the public what really happened.  You guys all thought I forgot about this, I didn’t.  I’ve just been waiting patiently.  In true Never Stop fashion, now we expose it all and get real transparent.  This article is step one in exposing him.  What I’m going to ask everyone to help with for step 2, we need to get the entire court transcript from these restraining order hearings.  We believe in transparency here at NSM and we fully believe the public has the right to know exactly what was said in court, so you all can read the lies for yourself and not just take my word for it written in an article.  So I’m asking everyone to donate what you can to help us pay for the transcripts.  These are full trial days of transcripts which will be costly.  Once NSM has the transcripts, we are going to release them to the public so you can see the lies told by Carl Haliburton of CJTV for yourselves. 

You’re going to like step 3, but first help us with step 2.