CJTV Files Restraining Order Against NSM Journalist/Alleges Violent Threats

On 11-29-21, Social Media Live Streamer Carl Haliburton of CJTV filed a Harassment Restraining Order against Kevin Glowicki of Never Stop Media LLC.  In the complaint Haliburton alleges that Glowicki has "continually stalked me via my businesses live stream".  There doesn't appear to be any proof of this allegation by Haliburton not to mention his live streams are publicly available to anyone in the world.  Are all of his viewers stalkers now for watching his streams?  Haliburton goes on in the complaint to allege Glowicki "continually encouraging people to find me and "aim for the head" as a reference to shooting me".  Haliburton states in the complaint that "his continued threats have made it to the public".

On 11-21-21 there was a demonstration in Kenosha following the Rittenhouse verdict by local activists.  In the complaint, Haliburton alleges "Kevin sought me out and began shoving me and threatening me".  Reviewing CJTVs live stream from that event there is no video evidence of Glowicki seeking Haliburton out.  The video clearly shows Haliburton walking passed Glowicki and you can hear Glowicki say "go home tourist".  Haliburton responds and turns his camera away from Glowicki and Glowicki alleges that "Haliburton dropped his shoulder and body checked into him as he was turning around which almost caused Glowicki to fall".  Immediately following this alleged physical assault against Glowicki you can hear Glowicki accusing Haliburton of the assault.  Later during the CJTV Live Stream there is a second verbal exchange between the two where you can hear Haliburton provoking Glowicki to meet him anywhere at anytime to engage Glowicki in a physical altercation.  This exchange directly contradicts Haliburton's claim that he "feels incredibly unsafe". 

Haliburton goes on to state in the complaint that Glowicki encourages crowds to "kick his ass" and "fuck him up".  He continues to allege that Glowicki has also made threats against Haliburton's sister.  None of these allegations written within the restraining order complaint seem to have any factual basis behind it.  Going through video on the Never Stop Voices YouTube Channel it appears that these baseless claims by Haliburton are nothing more than an attempt to prevent Glowicki from exposing CJTV to viewers that could potentially be damaging to the CJTV platform.  A recorded phone conversation between the two also contradicts Haliburton's claims.  Reviewing multiple streams on the CJTV he is repeatedly kicked out of Black Lives Matter protests around the country which has nothing to do with any interaction with Glowicki.  Haliburton alleges that he has been "warned that Glowicki is a violent and volatile person". 

After looking further into Haliburton's background NSM found some interesting things about Haliburton's past.  In a criminal conviction obtained by NSM, Haliburton, on May 5th 2012 was in possession of the controlled substance Methamphetamine during a traffic stop where Haliburton was driving a motorcycle without a license plate on it.  Haliburton was handcuffed after officers were made aware of a warrant that Haliburton had and during the search officers took possession of an airsoft pistol that was tucked under Haliburton's jacket near his chest as well as  two knives, a plastic baggie with white residue from his wallet and a small container found on Haliburton that tested positive for Methamphetamine. 

Several years later on August 12th 2017 Haliburton would find himself in trouble again with a domestic violence conviction.  A neighbor called police because Haliburton's girlfriend was locked in her bathroom trying to stop the bleeding from her head which occurred during a violent encounter with Haliburton.  It took several minutes for Haliburton to finally come outside after arguing with officers through the door and yelling "I don't want to get invloved".  Halburton's ex-girlfriend mentions in the complaint that Haliburton had a history of being violent with her in the past.  The ex-girlfriend suffered a laceration that required stitches to her head. He was also picked up for another warrant for a Failure To Appear from a Misdemeanor Theft charge during this incident.

It would appear the so-called beloved live streamer CJ Haliburton is not so innocent himself and might have some skeletons in his closet that he doesn't want revealed to his followers.  It would suggest this as well as other things Glowicki alleges to know to be a clear motive of why this restraining order would have been filed against Glowicki under a false claim of death threats and physical attacks. 

Glowicki has maintained his innocence against the claims of violent threats towards Haliburton as well as a physical attack on Haliburton during the demonstration that took place in Kenosha.  "Haliburton came at me first, upset about a comment I made on a live stream.  It progressed in the two of us arguing over the phone and some choice words in person that he wasn't welcomed in Kenosha.  During the demonstration he physically assaulted me first which caused me to react and confront him.  I am well within my rights to do so. I'm a threat to his monetary donations from his viewers if I were to expose him so he has made a baseless claim with no proof that I threatened to shoot him and encourage others to shoot him or attack him.  I released a video encouraging those who may have caught the encounter on video to come forward and we are offering a reward for any video that shows CJ assaulting me first.  Words directed at him that he is not welcome does not give him the legal basis to engage in physical assault.  What CJ doesn't understand is when you're telling the truth, you don't need to make false allegations.  That restraining order complaint was sworn under oath under the penalties of perjury.  When this baseless attempt for a harassment restraining order is dismissed, Never Stop Media LLC will go after him for defamation and false light, a suit we are confident we will win as we have the evidence to back up our claims and he does not".

The two live streamers are scheduled in court on December 6th at 9:15am at the Kenosha County Courthouse.  This is an ongoing story that we will continue to follow.




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