August 23rd 2020, Kenosha Wisconsin would join the numerous cities across the country where civil unrest would take place and become an epicenter for national headlines.  By the end of the nine day unrest throughout the city, one man would be paralyzed, two others deceased, another critically injured, a minor on trial facing homicide charges, 243 protestors and rioters arrested, residents, protestors and law enforcement officers injured, businesses burned down, over $1.9 million in city property damaged and over $50 million in total damage done throughout the city and thousands of residents sat in fear watching it all unfold live before their very eyes.

In November 2021, Kyle Rittenhouse would stand trial for First-Degree Intentional Homicide, Attempted First-Degree Intentional Homicide, First Degree Reckless Homicide, (2) Counts of First-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon by a person under 18, and Failure to Comply with an Emergency Order. 

Prior to the trial starting, ADA Thomas Binger unsuccessfully tried to bring evidence forward establishing Rittenhouse’s state of mind surrounding the shootings, particularly his attitudes toward the protests and what he said is Rittenhouse’s tendency toward the unjustified use of violence in the name of self-defense.  One of Binger’s motions sought to bring video evidence from a June 2020 altercation showing Rittenhouse assaulting a girl that was in a fight with his sister, and another video from two weeks before the Kenosha Unrest showing Rittenhouse outside a CVS saying he wished he had his Ar-15 to shoot people that were looting the store.  Binger pointed to this and other evidence as proving Rittenhouse is “essentially a teenage vigilante involving himself in things that don’t concern him,” calling him a “chaos tourist.”  Rittenhouse would later be found Not Guilty on all charges, with the gun related charge dismissed due to an outdated Wisconsin Law, and the curfew violation ticket dismissed.

Evidence that was not submitted by the Kenosha District Attorney’s office to include as “other acts evidence” towards Rittenhouse’s state of mind leading up to the night of August 25th 2020, was from Rittenhouse’s cell phone that was never extracted.  NSM was able to view dozens of never before seen images, social media messages and text messages from Rittenhouse’s cell phone that contained potentially damning evidence of Rittenhouse's state of mind, patrolling rooftops multiple times prior to August 25th 2020, text messages to his friends discussing “aiming down on people”, “ending people’s lives” potentially carrying guns across state lines, closely following the Kenosha Police Scanner, how he “wears blue” so he could get away with shooting people and if all of that isn’t bad enough, the Kenosha Police Department could have prevented death and great bodily harm by Rittenhouse when they stopped him back in June 2020, two months prior to the Kenosha Unrest when they encountered him while he was impersonating a security guard and armed with a shotgun patrolling rooftops

In 2021 Never Stop Media obtained dozens of witness statements from the Kenosha Police Department and the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department via an open records request.  While many of the statements had portions of alarming elements, one witness statement always stood out that we could never quite figure out why until now.  That statement came from Andrew Ryne Reeves, who stated he, along with Anthony Burright were providing security at the Southport Marina through their employer “Tactical Response Private Police Agency LLC”.  Reeves stated he “knew an individual by the name Kyle Rittenhouse through a mutual friend”.  According to Reeves he “contacted Kyle via phone and advised him he needed to get out of Kenosha due to the riots”, but according to text messages on Rittenhouse’s cell phone, no such text message came from Reeves on the night of August 25th 2020 and the screen shot taken by KPD from Reeves phone also didn't show messages to leave Kenosha due to the riots.  Reeves never disclosed to KPD any of the text messages prior to the ones attached in the screenshot.

The attached image shows a screenshot taken by OFC Kieth Soderstrom. 

Kenosha Police never investigated Reeves to see if he actually worked for the security company.  Had they, according to online records from the Department of Safety and Professional Services “Tactical Response Private Police Agency LLC” dissolved a month prior on July 14th 2020.  NSM spoke to a representative at Southport Marina to confirm if a security company was contracted out the night of August 25th 2020.  The response was that Southport Marina has their own security so there would be no need to contract out different security.  When asked specifically if Tactical Response was contracted, the representative changed their answer to yes, that is the security company that we use.  NSM then asked if Southport Marina was aware that Tactical Response had dissolved their business a month prior to August 25th 2020, and the representative was aware and claimed that's why they switched companies.  The representative contacted NSM back with regards to the security company that was used the night of August 25th 2020, and that company was called Phoenix, allegedly the new formed identity for Tactical Response.

Reeves and Burright were acting as security guards and wearing the uniform for a company that no longer existed, and this wasn’t the first time that Tactical Response had individuals posing as security when they weren’t employed by them according to online records.  On August 3rd 2018 the Department received a complaint from a Milwaukee Police Officer about an alleged employee working security at a Milwaukee business that the officer was investigating an armed robbery and found the employee did not have a valid security permit which prompted the Departments investigation. 

In April 2020, Reeves plead guilty for Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Kenosha County.  A charge he claims was charged because he had his security issued gun in the trunk of his car while driving home after his shift.  NSM asked Reeves how he was able to continue working as a licensed security guard with a criminal gun charge, and Reeves responded that the charge was dropped, even though his guilty plea is still listed on the Wisconsin CCAP system.  His attorney for that case, Aneeq Ahmad, the same attorney’s contact information he gave to Rittenhouse via text when Rittenhouse asked for Reeves attorney information when he turned himself into Antioch Police Department.  Reeves also has speeding violations and possession of marijuana charges according to Pleasant Prairie Booking records.


During NSM's investigation into Andrew Reeves we found that Reeves has a history of being on rooftops in Kenosha as far back as 2018 looking down on the city.  Reeves also has it listed on his Facebook Page that he worked at Budget Motors.  You may remember that name from back in February 2023 when NH Auto Sales employees in Kenosha filmed themselves urinating on a Black woman's ID and due to backlash quickly changed their online business name to Budget Motors causing that business that had nothing to do with the incident a lot of online headache.  NSM did a live stream interview with the owner of Budget Motors to help clear up the misunderstanding and backlash they suffered.  Budget Motors gave the woman a vehicle from their lot because they did not agree with the actions of NH Auto Sales and like many Kenosha residents felt that the level of hatred displayed by the NH Auto Sales employees had no place in Kenosha.  NSM reached out to Budget Motors to gather more context to Reeves employment with them and his employment only lasted a couple of months and was well after the 2020 Unrest.  The owner stated Reeves didn't really make an impression and didn't work for them long enough due to lack of experience.
An hour after NSM got off the phone with Budget Motors, we received a message on our Instagram page from Reeves.  Up until this point, NSM had not reached out to Reeves.  Reeves would only have known we inquired about him if the owner reached out to him directly, which is exactly what happened. 
Reeves stated in the message the following: "Idk if you'll see this but you contacted a previous employer about reaching out to me in regards to something about the riots. That had happened".  NSM spoke with Reeves for about an hour over the phone and his story consistently changed when asked questions specifically about the text messages, interaction with Rittenhouse, seeing Rittenhouse on rooftops prior to August 25th 2020 amongst other questions he was asked.  Reeves stated several times that he has had several brain injuries and has trouble remembering details but on some questions remembered details when confronted with evidence NSM has in our possession.
Rittenhouse would also pose as security personnel for Tactical Response Private Police Agency LLC on the night of June 1st 2020 when he and Dominick Black were confronted by a Kenosha Police Officer while they were patrolling rooftops at night during protests in Kenosha that followed the death of George Floyd.  According to a confidential source, Rittenhouse obtained the Tactical Response Uniform that he wore on June 1st 2020 from Andrew Reeves in exchange for the body armor that Rittenhouse claimed Grayslake Police Department Issued him, a claim Grayslake would deny and Rittenhouse later in his book would not recall where he got the body armor from.   Text messages also confirm the exchange between Rittenhouse and Reeves.  Reeves denies ever giving Rittenhouse access to his uniform.  He also originally denied knowing Rittenhouse was patrolling rooftops prior to August 25th but later changed his statement that he met up with Rittenhouse who was with Dominick Black and other individuals Reeves knew and allegedly told them that what they were doing was a "bad idea" but the text messages between the two don't paint a "bad idea" picture.  Rittenhouse was also playing security guard the night before on May 31st 2020 that is potrayed in a picture that was captured on his cell phone that is making its way around X (formerly Twitter).  According to geospyAI, that picture was taken outside Reuther School in Kenosha, directly across from Civic Park where during the 2020 Unrest protestors would clash with law enforcement over the shooting of Jacob Blake by KPD Officer Rusten Sheskey. 
photo from on top of a roof in Kenosha in June 2020

According to Rittenhouse’s text messages with Reeves on June 1st 2020, they were stopped by KPD and after a short exchange, Rittenhouse went back on the roof to patrol.  According to the text messages between Rittenhouse and Reeves, Rittenhouse texted: "PD is right downstairs" "Dealing with police" and then Reeves asks "How's that going"  Rittenhouse responds: "Good"  "We are back on roofs".  It’s not known what the conversation was between Rittenhouse and the unknown KPD Officer but Rittenhouse at no time was employed by Tactical Response.  Rittenhouse was also armed with a shotgun on both nights according to photos Rittenhouse sent via text message.  Had the KPD Officer investigated whether or not Rittenhouse was a licensed security guard (especially with how young he looked at the time) they would have realized he was only 17 years old, not licensed, and impersonating a security guard.  This exact moment potentially could have altered Rittenhouse's course and the shooting on August 25th 2020, may not have ever happened.  With Rittenhouse's close connection to law enforcement at the time, could that have been why the KPD Officer never investigated Rittenhouse further?  While it is going to be extremely difficult to identify the KPD Officer in the picture since his face was not captured, it should prompt local leaders to pressure KPD to conduct an internal investigation.  During these nights of playing pretend security guard Rittenhouse also bragged about carrying guns in the trunk of the car stating: "We got guns in the trunk".  Early spring is when Dominick Black and Rittenhouse purchased the Ar-15 style rifles that they both stated were only used for target practice up north and carried the night of August 25th 2020 that would end up being the weapon used in the multiple shooting incident.  NSM will get more into Rittenhouse's testimony from the trial that directly contradicts the private messages he was sending his friends via text and snapchat that was never extracted from his phone, in a later article.  The first image below was sent via text bragging that they have guns in the trunk.  This image was sent prior to the night of the shooting.  The second image shows what was exactly in the trunk in those rifle cases.

The friendship tree seems to be that Kyle Rittenhouse knew Dominick Black who was friends with Nick Smith, Nick Smith was friends with Andrew Reeves and Austin Hamilton.  The group collectively blames Dominick Black as the instigator, and while that may be true, Rittenhouse was no angle himself.  They would all meet in the Spring of 2020.  The second group that joined up with Rittenhouse, Smith and Black would be Danton Maertz who told his friend Joann Fiedler about Kevin Mathewson’s infamous “Kenosha Guard” post on Facebook.  The two of them formed a pro-America/pro-police group called “United Citizens for Patriotism” which is a private group that met every Friday near Hobby Lobby in West Bend.  Ryan Balch would attend one of these Friday night rallies as did friends Dustin Collett and Jason Lakowski.  They all also coincidentally met each other in the Spring of 2020.  Considering Maert’s group was aware of the Kenosha Guard post and both his group and Rittenhouse's group spent a considerable amount of time together on the night of August 25th 2020 and Rittenhouse following Facebook groups like the Kenosha County Scanner page, one would be hard-pressed that the group never discussed what brought them down to Kenosha in front of Rittenhouse.

According to KPD records NSM obtained in the 938 page report that the public never knew existed, Detective Ben Antaramian “looked into serving legal processes (warrants/subpoena) to Facebook in regards to the “Kenosha Guard” Facebook group.  However, based on prior interactions with Facebook, they will not honor subpoenas requesting the ID number for people/groups.  Without the unique FB ID number, there is no way to serve a search warrant.  I observed news articles that stated that Facebook suspended the account for the Kenosha Guard, and given that, I could not search for it to acquire a Facebook ID number.  I searched extensively through Facebook to try and locate any information pertaining to the Kenosha Guard or events they may have hosted.  I was unable to locate any information on it, and this appears to substantiate that Facebook suspended the account, disabling any chance to access it”.

On October 5th 2020, Antaramian wrote a follow up in his investigation.  It read:  “While researching this case, I was able to find a article which documented a website which archives websites.  The focus of the article was on the “Kenosha Guard” and the “Stand Up Kenosha” Facebook Group.  I spoke with Andy Carvin who identified himself as a Senior Fellow with the DFRILab.  Andy was able to provide me with an archived .mhtml of both the Facebook group and the event.  I was able to view these archived pages which are incomplete; many of the links are broken and cannot be followed up on.  I looked through what was available to see if there were any interactions from Kyle Rittenhouse and from Dominick Black.  I did not locate any activity that showed either Dominick Black or Kyle Rittenhouse liked, commented, or were in any way associated with the “Kenosha Guard” or the “Stand Up Kenosha” Facebook Group.  The capturing archive was not complete, and there was not (sic) Facebook ID number that I could obtain to submit legal process”.

At 5:42am on August 26th 2020 at the Antioch Police Department, Kyle can be heard talking to his mother Wendy Rittenhouse in the recorded interview that he needs to delete his social media accounts.  At one point, he even asks the Detectives to delete his accounts for him.  Kyle is also heard in that recorded interview specifically talking about needing to delete his Snapchat messages. You would think that this comment would have raised a major red flag with Kenosha Detectives that there is something in Rittenhouses phone that he doesn’t want law enforcement or the public to see.  Those were text messages and Snapchat messages that were never extracted. No warrant was ever issued to Snapchat to extract those messages.  In the recorded interview, Rittenhouse starts to have a panic attack and requests a therapist to talk to.  He starts to state that he "doesn't want to be one of those cops who has" then changes his verbiage to "I don't want to be one of those people who has ptsd".  Rittenhouse was so used to playing pretend police officer that he truly believed he was a cop and could get away with anything.

Rittenhouse wearing the Tactical Response uniform pictured above.  Another image NSM viewed was of Rittenhouse sitting down with the shotgun across his lap, and based on the text messages was "bored" because there was no action.  His hope of playing Call of Duty and shooting a protestor didn't happen on May 31st 2020, or June 1st 2020.

Antaramian would present search warrants for Rittenhouse’s phone.  His report reads: “At Antioch PD on 8/26/20, Kyle had advised his phone number was (redacted). I reviewed prior cases in LERMS, and confirmed that Kyle provided this same phone number to Officers on 7/1/20 under KPD Case #2020-00034368 and 5/24/20 under KPD Case #2020-00025336.  I conducted a ZetX search (a cell phone carrier search) with this phone number.  ZetX provided data advising this phone number was registered to “RITTENHOUSE KYL” with the carrier of T-Mobile.  I drafted search warrants for T-Mobile records and for a download of Kyle’s cell phone.  I presented these search warrants to ADA Jason Zapf, who signed them.  I then presented the search warrants to the Honorable Mary Wagner”. 

The report later goes on to read: “Shortly after completing the Search Warrant for Kyle’s phone, Forensics Examiner Morton advised that Kyle’s iPhone operated on the newest IOS system.  He advised without the passcode, he would be unable to search/download the phone.  He stated that at the time of this Search Warrant, there was not software available to bypass into this locked phone”.

According to the report Graykey and Cellebrite could not extract data from Rittenhouse phone because the programs did not support the IOS version.  Binger attempted to gain access to Rittenhouses phone for a second attempt to extract data once a version of the programs was updated and Rittenhouse's defense team denied the request.  None of the text messages depicting Rittenhouse patrolling rooftops in Kenosha prior to the night of August 25th 2020 were ever extracted.

In September 2020, Antaramian would file search warrants on TikTok, Google, Facebook for two accounts the FBI associated to Rittenhouse and Instagram.  Attached are screenshots from the 938 page Rittenhouse Report of everything extracted from Rittenhouse’s phone.  So the biggest question is, how could KPD Detectives and the District Attorney’s Office miss crucial “other acts” evidence that supported that Rittenhouse was intentionally trying to insert himself into a situation in order to shoot and kill people the night of August 25th 2020. 

Considering KPD extracted Facebook Data how did they miss these two images that Rittenhouse sent to the Kenosha County Scanner Facebook Page on May 31st 2020 and June 1st 2020.  The Kenosha County Scanner page responded to Rittenhouse's message with "Good".  These images along with crucially missed text messages potentially would have been enough to show a state of mind of someone who wanted to shoot and kill people.  Kyle's story of being a good human washing away grafiti and playing pretend doctor was nothing more than a never ending series of manipulation of the actual facts.  Rittenhouse and his friends had months of practice manipulating law enforcement and covertly patrolling Kenosha while the public was oblivious to what was actually happening.  We have seen these same types of characteristics in some of the most notable serial killers in history.

Many residents in Kenosha believe that the Kenosha County Scanner Facebook Page is owned by Kevin Mathewson.  NSM did some digging and found that the page is not owned by Mathewson, instead it is a registered LLC formed in January 2023, ran by an individual by the name of Allen M. Dunski Jr, out of Silver Lake Wisconsin. 

Dunski isn’t just known for his Paranormal Investigations (yes, you read that right, he’s a ghost hunter), he is also a convicted arsonist who later became Vice President of the Salem Lakes Fire Commision in 2019.  Dunski would set fires and then race back to his fire station to later be dispatched to put those very same fires out.  Dunski is also suspected of starting the fire at the Silver Lake Village Hall that housed the Police and Fire Department.  Dunski would later resign in January 2024 after the true nature of his crimes were exposed and several board members called for his resignation.  Dunski now chases and films fires for his Facebook page that he charges $5 per month to supporters. 

One of those paid supporters was none other than Kyle Rittenhouse who followedthe page religiously while he was patrolling rooftops back in May and June of 2020 and also in August 2020 during the Kenosha Unrest.  Rittenhouse was monitoring the Kenosha County Scanner page the day of August 25th 2020 according to a text message that he sent his mother Wendy that afternoon.



The Federal Trial against Kenosha and Kyle Rittenhouse is underway with Discovery scheduled to close in August 2024 and the trial set to begin sometime next year.  Individuals with evidence are urged to come forward before the close of Discovery.  Anyone with information, video, images etc can contact Never Stop Media at

This is an ongoing story and NSM will continue to cover it.

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