Rittenhouse Ex-Spokesperson, David Hancock Speaks Out

Former spokesperson for Kyle Rittenhouse and his family during the criminal trial in November 2021 in a twist of events dropped a bombshell of information via X (formerly Twitter) starting back at the beginning of March, detailing how much went into re-making Rittenhouse’s image to the public.

In a video posted by Hancock on March 15th he details his role as Rittenhouse’s spokesperson and provided the family protection before, during and after the trial.  https://twitter.com/i/status/1768628071052243082

Allegedly, due to information that he learned recently, he calls Rittenhouse in the video a “giant piece of f*cking sh*t”.  Hancock briefly goes on to explain the two Federal Civil Lawsuits against Kyle Rittenhouse and the City of Kenosha and states that there is a “mountain of evidence that substantiate the claims in the lawsuits”.

Hancock claims in the video that prior to the shooting on August 25th 2020, Wendy Rittenhouse texted Kyle several times telling him to not go to Kenosha.  Hancock states that Kyle ignored those messages from Wendy and turned off his location.  He goes on to state that Kyle had already made the decision to go to Kenosha with his assault rifle.  Hancock states that Rittenhouse’s promo videos with Armored Republic and his press tours are “laughable” and a “joke”. Watch the Armored Republic Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzYEIar-h40&t=5s

In another post by Hancock he details what went into crafting a perfect image for Rittenhouse during his Kenosha Trial back in 2021.  The post reads: “Is anyone surprised that Kyle's far-right political handlers ensured this particular detail didn't make it into his book? Regarding his online high school diploma, we had to force him to complete the four years of credits in just ten months, which he did using the "Google machine." We invested significant effort to craft the image you witnessed during the trial. We outfitted him in new suits, arranged for his haircut every weekend during the trial, and dedicated over 200 hours to prepare him for direct and cross-examination.

We employed the world's leading jury consultant and conducted extensive research through three mock trials to identify the ideal jurors and the most effective approach for his testimony. Transforming a middle school dropout who was “angry at the world” with a history of violence and an unhealthy obsession with guns and killing into a respectable young man with a desire for higher education and a promising future was no easy feat. It was a meticulously crafted facade, which we sincerely hoped he would grow into. Instead, he squandered a full scholarship to study any subject at any university in the country to become a divisive douchebag and antagonize black Americans on college campuses. Kyle failed to learn a single thing. He remains the same uneducated, arrogant, and antagonistic individual, incapable of telling the truth. Now, he genuinely believes he is the show pony we created and has surrounded himself with sycophants who fuel his inflated ego because they prioritize their political agenda and Christian Nationalist worldview over his well-being. Despite my efforts to guide him toward a better path in life, the allure of notoriety triumphed over the prospect of putting in the hard work of pursuing an education. Kyle is ill-equipped to offer advice to young people. I regret my role in shaping him into whatever he has become. If I had known what I know now about Kyle’s history, I wouldn’t have been involved.

A post by Hanock on April 2nd 2024 alleges a conspiracy and cover-up during the 2020 trial.  His post reads: When I initially agreed to assist Kyle in presenting a strong defense, it was prior to learning most of the information I now possess about him. I was aware of significant issues with the trial, but only discovered the full extent and gravity of these problems after its conclusion. I did not consent to be involved in any cover-up or conspiracy.

Here are five of my most significant concerns:

  1. Multiple FOIA requests to the FBI were denied. It required an appeal directly to Merrick Garland, along with obtaining flight records from the FAA, to force the turnover of the surveillance video.
  2. The FBI's high-resolution video of the shooting was destroyed, and the camera operator's testimony was expunged from the record.
  3. Kyle's phone, in the custody of the DA, was not searched for evidence, preventing the examination of his messages and other social media accounts like Snapchat.
  4. The DA never attempted to obtain the commercial drone video, despite a clip of the shooting being aired on Tucker Carlson's show.
  5. Why was Judge Schroeder's daughter allegedly trying to entrap fact witnesses with offers of drinks and cocaine during the trial?

Hancock even posted open records documents regarding Kyle’s attempt to get into the United States Marine Core where the document states that in “January 2020 he took a USMC Entrance exam (ASVAB) and did not meet service eligibility requirements.  His test score was far below the required minimum and was permanently disqualified from entering the USMC”.  Hancock alleges that Rittenhouse sent a video to the USMC of himself dismantling an AR style rifle and calls Rittenhouse’s fascination with guns a “fetish”.

Dozens of X posts by Hancock mock Rittenhouse, one stating on March 12th “This kid is such a cringy dork wannabe totally lacking in testosterone”.

Most of the world has seen the infamous CVS video that allegedly had Kyle Rittenhouse and Dominick Black’s voice outside of a CVS in Illinois that was being looted when Rittenhouse allegedly states” I wish I had my AR, I'd start shooting rounds into them”.  This video was barred from being shown to the jury in the 2020 trial, but Hancock posted a screenshot of text messages allegedly from Kyle Rittenhouses phone that reads: “I wish I had my rifle.  I would of ended some lives tonight.  There is no date attached to the screenshot of text messages, but Hancock claims that the texts were sent a few days prior to August 25th 2020 where Rittenhouse shot and killed two people, Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum and critically injured a third man, Gaige Grosskreutz.

Hancock also posted on March 13th 2024 “After I picked up Kyle on the day he was bailed out, we drove to South bend, Indiana where his family was waiting.  To both our surprise, we entered the hotel room to see silver spoons guy, Ricky whatever, sitting with John Pierce.  Within minutes, Ricky and John proposed a gun deal.  Ricky wanted to make a line of AR-15’s and label them each KR-17.  Naturally, I laughed directly in their stupid grifting faces.  Using Kyle and his situation to make a buck wasn’t cool then and it’s certainly not cool now.  The names have changed but the scumbags remain the same”.

Another post by Hancock shows a picture of Rittenhouse on a rooftop “patrolling” allegedly months before the 2020 Unrest in Kenosha holding what appears to be a shotgun style gun and a bullet proof vest. There is no location noted on this post of where this image was taken and when.

A few days ago, on April 1st 2024, Hancock made another post geared towards Gaige Grosskreutz that reads: “I said some awful things about Gauge (sic) Grosskreutz AKA Paul Prediger before, during and after Kyle’s trial”. Grosskreutz filed for a name change which was leaked by none-other than Kevin Mathewson, the Kenosha Guard Commander who put out a “call to arms” during the Kenosha Unrest.  The post goes on to read; “I was wrong and apologize for my role in stoking hatred against him and Anthony Huber.  Knowing what I know now about Kyle and his intentions that night in Kenosha, I have an entirely different perspective that I simply didn’t see before”.  Hancock also posted documents that show Grosskreutz having a valid CCW permit for the handgun he was carrying August 25th 2020 when Rittenhouse shot him.

Hancock also posted a screen shot by Rittenhouse when his controversial alleged meeting with Nick Fuentes went viral where Rittenhouse claimed he had “Jewish family members killed during the holocaust”, where Hancock alleges Rittenhouse lied.

April 2nd 2024 Hancock released yet another post about the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial where the post reads: “Did you know that the camera operator on the FBI surveillance aircraft flying over Kenosha testified in court with the cameras off, admitting they had destroyed the high-resolution video of Kyle’s shooting, despite being aware of its content?  Interestingly, after an Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) objected from the gallery, the parties met with the judge in chambers.  As a result, the testimony was stricken from the record, and the camera operator left through the back door.  What could they have been so desperate to conceal?  Remember what administration was in office at the time?”

Hancock also alleges that Kyle Rittenhouses phone was never searched by law enforcement or the Kenosha District Attorney’s Office.

It appears that Kyle Rittenhouse has made an enemy with the wrong person who has first hand knowledge of a lot of Kyle’s skeletons where the public is getting a first hand look from one of the people who was closest to Kyle.  It seems Hancock has a lot to share and as he states “The civil trials are going to be fire.”

This is an ongoing story and Never Stop Media will continue to cover it

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