Sheriff's Free Speech or Cause Of Death?

On November 14th 2020 a “Defend The Vote” Rally was held at Serb Hall in Milwaukee WI, where hundreds of Trump Supporters showed up to listen to the rhetoric from right wing speakers,  One of which was Former Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke.  During Clarke’s speech he encouraged the crowd to create a “people’s uprising” and calls for war against “BLM Scumbags”.  He calls on the crowd to “come close to losing their souls and let God forgive them”.  He then riled up the crowd that they needed to come together to raise money for Kyle Rittenhouse because he was a hero for killing two protestors and injuring a third in Kenosha WI.  Clarke would also call on the Proud Boys to help in this people’s uprising which we would later see at another rally held by Clarke in Wauwatosa WI in front of Mayfair Mall where Alvin Cole was shot and killed by Former Milwaukee Police Department, Joseph Mensah.

During the November 14th rally the Milwaukee County Health Department showed up and threatened to close down the event due to the number of attendees and the fact they weren’t wearing masks, social distancing or staying in their seats which is a violation of the Milwaukee Health Order.  The manager of Serb Hall, Nicholas Alioto, paused the event informing everyone that the event would be shut down if attendees did not comply with the city’s public health order, due to Alioto not wanting to lose the venues license over the event.  The crowd went into an uproar.  Clarke incited the crowd to ignore the request and refuse the direction from the Milwaukee County Health Department at which time attendees attacked Alioto while Clarke stood by and watched the mob action.  Shortly after the event was officially shut down, Clarke called for the attendees to take to the streets where violence ensued from the crowd towards counter protestors who showed up.  Dozens of attendees hit and poked counter protestors, and myself with flag poles.  I was personally assaulted by several attendees as they pushed and shoved me and attempted to knock my camera out of hands.  Clarke’s full speech can be viewed via the link below.

Three days after the event Alioto tested positive for Covid-19 on November 17th.  With testing positive for the deadly Covid-19 and having underlying issues of Diabetes and heart related problems, Alioto died on December 4th, a couple of weeks after Clarke’s rally.

Clarke has a history of controversial speech with serious undertones of threats and intimidation towards citizens who disagree with him.  In 2018 Clarke was sued after an incident at the Milwaukee Airport that took place in January of 2017 where a Daniel Black “shook his head” at Clarke over supporting a rival football team, resulting in Black being detained for fifteen minutes.  When Black publicized the altercation and filed his lawsuit, Clarke responded with a series of social media posts.  Clarke made comments at the time that he “reserves the reasonable right to pre-empt a possible assault” and also posted that the next time someone tries to pull the same “stunt on a plane they may get knocked out.  He would later mock Black stating “cheer up snowflake, if Sheriff Clarke were to really harass you, you wouldn’t be around to whine about it.”  Clarke was later cleared of wrongdoing and his speech deemed protected speech under the 1st Amendment.  Although Clarke was no longer Sheriff, the County paid his legal bills.

Clarke has also been accused and named in cases for deaths and alleged mistreatment of jail inmates during his time in office, where one man died from dehydration when his water was turned off in his cell for days and pregnant women handcuffed during labor, where the city of Milwaukee has settled out of court for $6.75 million dollars.

At what point is Clarke viewed as a danger to society and his speech directly related to violence and not protected under the 1st Amendment?  The very things Clarke claims to be against are the same things he incites with his speech.  Clarke is only one of many Conservatives who speech and actions are directly related to violence and death under his former supervision and his outlandish rallies.  It’s time for Clarke to be held accountable for what his speech truly is…violent rhetoric!!


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