Milwaukee County DA Charges Journalist

On May 24th 2021 a Milwaukee District Attorney filed charges against a Never Stop Media journalist for Disorderly Assemblage and Pedestrian on Hwy.  On April 12th 2021, Kevin Glowicki was filming The People’s Revolution during a solidarity march for Duante Wright who was shot and killed in Minneapolis during a traffic stop when former officer Kim Potter pulled her service weapon instead of her taser.  During the peaceful demonstration protestors decided to take the demonstration to I-43 shutting it down to make a bold statement that the killing of unarmed black men will not be tolerated anywhere in America.   Seeing that Glowicki was the only media present at the time the group decided to enter the highway, Glowicki followed and continued to film.  The group’s car caravan entered the highway and slowed down traffic so protestors could walk in front of the caravan and not be in danger of getting struck by vehicles.  The group traveled approximately ½ a mile before two Milwaukee County Sheriff’s dangerously drove on a slanted grass hill and cut in front of the group sending them running across the highway.  Despite the safety protocols protestors put in place to accomplish the demonstration, deputies placed lives in danger during their attempt to kettle protestors.  Glowicki continued to film the encounter as the deputies were extremely agitated and one deputy (S. Gleason) punched a car window as it passed by him.  Both deputies approached Glowicki but never took him into custody as he was clearly marked as "press" and he produced “press credentials”.  One unidentified protestor was arrested. 

Six weeks later the district attorney’s office filed charges against Glowicki.  The Pedestrian on a Hwy ticket carries a $178.80 fine and the Disorderly Assemblage ticket carries a $484 fine.  Despite not being part of the protest and acting in his professional capacity as a journalist, Glowicki was still charged.  He is set to appear in court on June 23rd, 2021 at 8:30am via zoom for his initial appearance.  Conveniently these charges were filed after Glowicki filmed Milwaukee Police Department harassing a group during a memorial.

This is not the first time law enforcement retaliated against Glowicki for filming. Glowicki was also cited back in August 2020 for filming during the Kenosha unrest.  This case is pending the outcome of the Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit that was filed where Glowicki is named as a witness due to his media coverage during the unrest and evidence of civil rights violations he has uncovered through his investigative journalism.

This is an ongoing story and we will continue to cover it.


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