Kenosha County Courthouse Has A Leak

Once again, my safety is compromised!!!!

On March 17th, 2021 I walked into the Kenosha County Courthouse to file a Writ of Mandamus against the Kenosha Police Department for refusing to provide open records to 13 requests that have been made over the last 7 months.  Nobody knew I was officially in Kenosha let alone in the building filing this civil suit.  Along with filing the suit, I also filed a request to seal my address due to the amount of threats, harassment, intimidation and actual stalkers that I’ve had to deal with.  Nobody knew I was filing that document.

At 11:30am I paid for the writ filing and proceeded to handle some other personal business in the courthouse.  After I left I proceeded over to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department to pick up information on serving the writ.  I got back to the vehicle around 12:37pm.  At 12:43pm I received an email from a complete stranger who I believe is using a fake email address.  The email states “My uncle works for the Kenosha news and I saw about your lawsuit today.  Do you have this lawsuit in electronic form so you can email it to me?  I’m going to try to get him to write about it”.  Signed “Nate”.

I found this strangely odd because no one knew I actually filed this.  Let’s get into the process of how this all works.  You walk into the filing office and deal with a clerk who reviews your documents, gets signatures on everything, processes your payment and enters your filing into the computer system.  Once the filing is in the system it creates a record which can immediately be found on the Wisconsin CCAP system where you can look up court cases.  The documents themselves however, are not available through this system.  The next step is to scan the documents into the court system for an official record.  After this is done, those documents go to the judge’s clerk so they can issue a hearing date.  Typically once this process is done which usually takes a few days, you get a phone call informing you that your filing is ready to be picked up.  After you pick the documents up you proceed to serve the parties involved letting them know there is a court proceeding.

At 12:57pm I responded back to the email with “Yes, I do.  Can you have them contact me?  I still found this very odd that a news outlet would have had this information this quickly as again, I still have not told anyone I officially filed this.  As I inquired further with this back and forth exchange trying to inquire how anyone would have known this information, Nate responds with “The Kenosha News knows about it but they don’t know if there’s a story there I thought maybe I would send it to my uncle and he would see that there is a story there but if you don’t want it to be in there I understand no problem have a great day”.  Nothing about this email exchange sat well with me.  Everything in me screamed, someone leaked this info out to some random person in the public.  Who are these people and what is there intent?

The night before I had written an article about this lawsuit that I hadn’t published until 4:13pm the day I officially filed the lawsuit.  So again, no one would have known this was actually done any time prior to the publishing of the Never Stop Media article.

At 5:24pm I received another email from “Nate”, stating, “I just read through your stuff.  No judge is going to redact your address because of what you claim”.  And then went on to verbally harass me with all types of details about my background.  You know the typical attacks I usually get.  My intuition was right.  This person had nefarious intent.  Here is what is concerning.  I don’t even have a copy of the filing, let alone notice of a hearing date yet.  This document isn’t open to the public until the entire process is done, so how is it that some random person knew about the filing and already has a copy of all of the documents?  What is seriously concerning is that they have a copy of the petition of me asking to have my address sealed.  In the court documents the address needs to be listed on the paperwork and the court seals this once approval is given to seal an address.  With this individual having copies of everything, they now also have my address.  Again, every security measure I take to conceal my location has been compromised.

Who in room 204 of the Kenosha County Courthouse is leaking out information to the general public?  I spoke with a representative inside of the courthouse in regards to employees leaking information to the public before documents are publicly available and I was informed this is a serious security issue and against policy.

The email tactics have an all too familiar style to them.  With Never Stop Media’s investigative nature, we are closing in on the sender of the emails.

I have to question, if someone is leaking information out to someone in the public what else is being leaked out of that courthouse?  It’s concerning because there are a lot of filings with sealed information pertaining to addresses, victims information, juvenile information and other information that would not be available to the general public.  Recently we saw, Kyle Rittenhouse’s location was sealed even from the District Attorney’s office.  Unfortunately there are a lot of individuals with ill-intent and having access to information could prove to be extremely dangerous if it landed in the wrong persons hands.

Whoever leaked out the fact that I filed a lawsuit minutes after the filing and gave a copy with my address has now jeopardized my safety.  An internal investigation is now underway.

This is a developing story and we will keep you updated.


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