Kenosha Chief Of Police Miskinis Set To "Retire"

After the events that unfolded following the shooting of Jacob Blake, who was shot 7 times in the back by Officer Rusten Shesky, I’m reminded of statements made by our current Chief of Police Daniel Miskinis, when he said “Persons who were out after curfew became engaged in some type of disturbance and persons were shot.  Had persons not been in violation of that, perhaps the situation might not have happened”.  I beg to differ Chief.  Had your department told armed militia to go home when they were surrounded (also on audio scanner we released) there most likely would not have been “victims”.  I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I used the word “victim”.  I can’t say “victim” because “victim” isn’t allowed, but really they factually are “victims”.  It goes to show the lack of compassion towards those who became “victims” during the night of Aug 25th when Kyle Rittenhouse opened fire on protestors killing Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum and critically injuring Gaige Grosskreutz, and rumor of a 4th victim that no one seems to be speaking of publicly, but has been confirmed by a credible source during a conversation with Never Stop Media.

Yesterday, during Rittenhouse’s bond hearing, where an increase in bond and a warrant were denied giving Rittenhouse a white privileged win, it reminded me of yet another statement made by our current Chief of Police in regards to Rittenhouse walking passed law enforcement after firing on protestors. “We have armed individuals out protesting or counter-protesting or simply walking around exercising their right, who will put their hands up.  It’s no longer abnormal so there was nothing to suggest this individual was involved in any criminal behavior”.  I’m pretty sure all of us know the difference between a protestor putting their hands up chanting “hands up don’t shoot” and an armed killer putting his hands up saying “I just shot someone”.

I find this comment by Miskinis to be extremely difficult to believe considering law enforcement was in viewing range when Rittenhouse shot and killed Anthony Huber and injured Gaige Grosskreutz.  Miskinis’ comment seems even more alarming when you listen to the KPD Scanner Audio that Never Stop Media released following the shooting where law enforcement can be clearly heard on the scanner within minutes of the shooting acknowledging that there was a shooting and a short time later knowing the physical description of the shooter because they saw video footage which was widely talked about across that scanner audio.  It’s alarming when listening to this scanner audio with the individual described as a male white, green shirt and long gun being apprehended before the night was over and an evacuation quickly called for.

Miskinis would later comment on the Rittenhouse shooting that “clearly, they’re not seeing him as a suspect or a threat of any kind”.  This has been made very clear with the handling so far of the Rittenhouse case with the absolute gross negligence by multiple judges and Prosecutor Binger in the oversight of not implementing conditions to Rittenhouse’s bond that are typically seen in most Kenosha bond conditions, barring him from entering bars and being in possession or consuming of alcohol, the lack of conditions of an ankle monitor if released, and the absolute knowing of his where-a-bout’s which Judge Bruce Schroeder didn’t seem to think was important enough for the District Attorney’s Office to know either so they could monitor his location, but instead the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department whom we know was in charge and called the shots the week of the unrest in Kenosha and helped advise Rittenhouse of which of his white privileges he could use to “Live It Up” a phrase taken from John Huber.  I found it interesting when Prosecutor Binger spoke of potential witness intimidation with Rittenhouse being allowed to run “Free As F**k”.  I’m not quite sure we need to worry about Rittenhouse doing the intimidation considering he has his investigative goons doing that for him.  Be careful if Former Milwaukee Detective Steve Spingola knocks on your door or perhaps everyone’s door that you know, harassing, intimidating and possibly breaking into your house, but we will get into that in another article.  For now we will focus on our wonderful Chief of Police.

In a statement released to City officials yesterday morning Chief Daniel Miskinis announced that he would be retiring at the end of April.

“Last week I notified Mayor Antaramian that I would be retiring at the end of April.  When I was appointed to the position of Police Chief I gave a 5 year commitment, which has rapidly passed.

The Kenosha Police Department is full of dedicated, talented, and service-minded people.  It is a department that has been my home for nearly 25 years of my law enforcement career that begun in the 80’s.  It is a department to be proud of and one I will miss.

I remain committed to public safety and will work with City administration to see that department leadership transition is smooth.  I have absolute trust in the men and women of the KPD and know that they will continue to bravely serve the community and will remain committed to our mission and striving for excellence”.

Miskinis has been with the Kenosha Police Department since 1996 and has 32 years of law enforcement experience.  He became Chief after serving as Deputy Chief under Former Chief Morrissey who was heavily scrutinized for racial discrimination when it came to not promoting Black or Brown Officers, intimidation and harassment during his 8 years as Chief.  It seems Chief Morrissey’s training and beliefs towards the Black & Brown Communities of Kenosha transferred over to Chief Miskinis a bit too well.

So what will be the future of the Kenosha Police Department in these trying times with such an extensive history of racial divide, police brutality and the unanswered killing of residents of Kenosha?  It’s long overdue and time for a, no nonsense Chief to come in, clean house and enact some real reform.


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