Judge Dorow's Campaign Manager Is A Far Right Extremist

Judge Jennifer Dorow made a national name for herself as the presiding judge in the Darrell Brooks Trial.  Brooks drove his vehicle through a parade crowd in the city of Waukesha in November 2021 killing 6 and injuring over 60 others.  Recently Dorow announced her campaign run for the Wisconsin Supreme Court seat that will be opening up replacing retiring conservative justice Patience Roggensack. Some viewed the campaign announcement as a way to capitalize off of a tragedy while others viewed it as a strategic guaranteed victory for the judge. In a recent interview with a mainstream media outlet when asked about her conservative values, Dorow responded that she was a “Judicial Conservative”.  For a moment this made me scratch my head on what this term meant.  So I looked it up.  As I was reading the definition it made me think of all the far right extremists that were wearing shirts with “We The People” or getting tattoos with the phrase and waving flags with the phrase during the January 6th insurrection.  Far Right groups taking to social media challenging school boards, mask mandates, saying the covid pandemic was a Democratic Hoax, and how Trump’s election was stolen, all far right conspiracy ideologies.

A conservative judicial philosophy proposes the idea that the United States Constitution supports certain laws being made by the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government—not by the justices and judges of the Supreme Court and federal courts. This philosophy adheres to the decision that the Constitution is a fixed document that is meant to be taken literally, and the rules of lawmaking and governance are clearly defined within its context. Judges with this philosophy, then, tend to follow traditional lines of thinking and conventional value systems. This has led to many instances of judicial activism, in which judges have utilized the courts to further their own personal beliefs on morality.

Dorow came under fire last week when mainstream media outlets reported that she had given a man convicted of domestic violence two days before reporting to jail. Michael Liu, 36, was supposed to report to jail by Dec. 2 to serve four months for a domestic violence incident over the summer. Judge Jennifer Dorow sentenced Liu on Nov. 30 and allowed Liu two days to report.

According to a Will County Sheriff's Department Facebook post, during those two days, Liu traveled from Oak Creek to Crete, Ill. to exact revenge on his soon-to-be ex-wife’s parents. According to the Will County Sheriff’s Department, on Dec. 1 Liu fired shots into the home of his ex-wife’s parents and broke into the home, stabbing the 66-year-old woman. The 68-year-old man intervened and was stabbed as well. The man defended his wife, stabbing Liu an estimated 17 times, according to law enforcement. All three are expected to survive.

Judge Dorow’s campaign team provided the following statement regarding her decision to allow Liu two days to report:

“First off, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims for a speedy and full recovery. In this case, I sentenced Mr. Liu to jail despite it being his first offense. It's unfortunate he did not report to jail as ordered and instead went to Illinois."

It's the latest judgment call that went awry. The Milwaukee County District Attorney admitted fault in giving Daryl Brooks a low bail, the man convicted in killing six during last year's Waukesha Christmas Parade. Last August, Judge David Borowski released Ernest Blakney after he was convicted of sexual assault of a child. Prosecutors asked for Blakney to be placed in jail while awaiting sentencing but the judge denied it. Police say Blakney then went on to kill his ex-girlfriend and reportedly set her home on fire. Two weeks later, he was killed by MPD after a high speed chase and shootout.

Wisconsin court records show two days earlier, Liu was in a Waukesha County Courtroom, facing eight counts of domestic violence-related charges after an incident with his family over the summer. According to the criminal complaint, one of Liu’s children was crying and he grew frustrated. The complaint says he threw a magnetic block across the room. Then, he's accused of charging at his wife and yelling at her. The complaint says Liu punched his wife in the shoulder and she took the children into a room.

According to the wife, there is a history of domestic violence. The complaint says it had been going on for at least the last eight months, dating back to December of 2021.

After the incident, a 72-hour no-contact order was in place so Liu was not legally allowed to contact or be around his wife. The next day, a family friend contacted police after Liu made concerning statements to them. According to this person, the complaint states, Liu said, “something similar to ‘I’m going to kill one of the kids and me.'” When police confronted Liu about this statement, he said he was joking and did not mean the statement, according to the complaint.

The complaint goes on to say when police contacted Liu’s wife, she said Liu tried to call her multiple times, which would be in violation of the 72-hour no-contact order. A neighbor Liu was staying with called his wife and asked where the family’s handgun was located, the children’s birth certificates and social security numbers.

Liu was charged with eight different counts for this incident, including stalking, battery, disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property and contact after domestic abuse arrest.

On Nov. 30, Liu had a plea/sentencing hearing where he pleaded guilty to three counts; battery, criminal damage to property and contact after a domestic abuse arrest. Judge Jennifer Dorow, who is running for State Supreme Court, sentenced him to four months in jail, with work release and probation. According to court records, Dorow allowed Liu two days to report to jail. It was the next day the Will County Sheriff's Department said Liu traveled to Crete, Ill. where his in-laws were injured.

One thing I noticed across social media was the backlash that Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm received regarding the Darrell Brooks bond, something Chisholm was actually not involved in and also released a public statement regarding it.  Judges and States Attorneys who handled previous cases with Brooks are also under public scrutiny after the Waukesha Christmas Parade incident, which believe me, they should be.

But when Judge Jennifer Dorow allowed a convicted man two days to report to jail, who then turned around and committed an even more egregious act, those same people who wanted Chisholm's head on a spit, defended Dorow.  It’s a very weird double standard how people ignore the actions of one and crucify those who did the same thing.  The Right has blamed Democratic officials when criminals commit acts of violence, and yet their Republican counterparts have also made serious mistakes and the Right intentionally ignores those mistakes.

NSM reached out to Judge Dorow’s campaign manager a couple of weeks ago attempting to seek permission to do a documentary on the campaign run for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  We would later get this request denied.  At first, I figured it had to do with the lack of experience and documentary content, but now I believe it has to do with NSM being viewed as a Left leaning media outlet.  And Judge Dorow’s campaign manager Amber Schroeder hates the Left.  Honestly I thought Dorow might be good for the Supreme Court seat, but what NSM found out has me extremely worried now, that another far right extremist will be filling that seat and taking more rights away from the American people, despite Dorow’s claim on wanting to protect people’s rights.

Today, I received a message from a friend asking if I got the documentary.  I told them unfortunately I didn’t which was upsetting but I expected it.  They responded that maybe it was for the best because the campaign manager was a far right extremist. I texted back “WAIT, WHAT??”  After the text exchange and hours of digging, NSM found a lot of disturbing things surrounding Dorow’s campaign manager.  Which begs the question, if Dorow is aligning herself with a far right extremist, does Dorow herself have far right views?  Could be why she answers conservative based questions very vaguely.  In a politically challenged world, candidates tend to show their belief systems by the people they align themselves with, not necessarily whether they say something publicly or not.

One of the most disturbing things NSM found on Dorow’s campaign manager was a video during a Mequon-Thiensville School Board Recall Protest, where Schroeder can be heard telling the journalist that she doesn’t believe in “equity” amongst children in a school setting and calling Black people “coloreds” which is an extremely offensive term to people of color that dates back to the civil rights era during segregation.  These are the same types of people that then take to social media arguing that they aren’t racist, but every action they partake in says otherwise. Watch The Video Here: https://youtu.be/efhIQejhtqU



In 2020-2021 we watched school boards get attacked over mask mandates, virtual learning and critical race theory all over the country and this sparked far right activists to adopt some pretty scary conspiracy theories.  Schroeder being one of those far right activists who went against mask mandates in schools that were geared to protect children from covid.  Because school boards were forced to look further into equity issues and hiring equity consultants to make sure their curriculum was inclusive, the right attacked this that critical race theory was going to be taught in schools to their white children.  Left leaning teachers who supported teaching true and factual history were either forced out of the school or fired.  Far right activists even led recall campaigns against school board members.  Again, Schroeder would be at the forefront of this campaign.

In 2021, Amber Schroeder and Scarlett Johnson led a campaign against four Mequon-Thiensville School Board Members to get them recalled and implement Johnson into one of those seats in an attempt to bring their far right leaning ideologies to the board.  One of the first school board recall elections in the country in response to polarizing COVID-19 policies such as mask mandates, the campaign — in a district that is more than 75% white and is frequently one of the highest rated in the state — drew national attention. 

Across the country, aggrieved parents have descended on school board meetings to complain about mask mandates or the teaching of so-called critical race theory — a graduate-level academic framework that analyzes American institutions through a lens of race that isn’t taught in K-12 schools. The actual political power of those parents fell short of changing the composition of the board, with recall organizers unable to prove that even with the support of some of Wisconsin’s most powerful Republicans, they’re anything more than a vocal minority. 

According to an article written by the Wisconsin Examiner about the recall, “as the campaign reached its final days, tensions rose, with lawsuits, ethics complaints and insults being tossed back and forth. While the campaign — drew attention from national media, gubernatorial candidates, right-wing billionaires and some of the powerful political organizations that make up the backbone of the Wisconsin Republican party things got uglier, advocates on both sides lamented the politicization of a local school board race. 

“Over the past six weeks, we have been inspired by friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Along with the encouragement, we have also taken slings and arrows. It has all been worth it, because this is about our kids and their education,” the Restore MTSD recall committee wrote in an Election Day Facebook post.

During the race, the recall organizers filed an ethics complaint with a committee working to support the incumbents, alleging that the committee and the incumbents were illegally working together as a way to skirt campaign finance law. The committee treasurer disputed the charges. 

Just a few days before the election, local Organization Bridge the Divide filed a defamation lawsuit against recall candidate Scarlett Johnson. Bridge the Divide — which facilitates conversations about race in communities in the area — alleges that Johnson harmed its reputation when she called the organization Marxist, funded by the Democratic Party and a supporter of teaching critical race theory in schools.  

Johnson, who is a member of Kleefisch’s election campaign and one of the most vocal recall candidates, said the lawsuit is a "political hit job”

While school board races are normally quiet affairs, the MTSD recall drew tens of thousands of dollars in donations with the recall candidates drawing thousands of dollars of donations from outside the district — including from Illinois billionaire Richard Uihlein. 

The recall organizers also hired an attorney who had previously worked for President Donald Trump and tried to get Kanye West on the presidential ballot in 2020. As they were collecting signatures in order to force the recall, the organizers received help from the right wing law firm, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, which pressured local leaders into allowing the organizers to display signs and collect signatures on public property.

Schroeder said prior to the drop-off of the recall signatures that the two main reasons for the recall were the decline in students' academic performance and what Recall MTSD calls the board's abdication of duties to an unelected official, Mequon-Thiensville School District superintendent Matthew Joynt.

Other concerns include what Schroeder called illegal voting occurring at the school board's July 26 budget meeting. Schroeder said people there who weren't district residents were allowed to vote on the district's budget without having to verify their residency. 

Another concern was recall volunteers being denied coffee at a local Starbucks, as well as concern over the district's COVID-19 mitigation plan for the upcoming school year. 

The plan calls for masks to be required for students in grades 4K-6 and for masks to be recommended and optional for students in grades 7-12.

One losing candidate supported by Schroeder’s recall posted anti-LGBTQ tweets and indicated that she wasn’t worried about white supremacy. Schroeder is also the co-founder of the Mom’s for Liberty Ozaukee County, a group whose national organization is known for harassing and intimidating public school administrators, uses kids as pawns, encourages parents to sue school districts, and has deep finacial roots to the ultra-MAGA wing of the Republican party. https://momsforlibertyozaukee.com/

The group filed open records requests for several email lists which were ultimately denied by the school board.  This led to two different lawsuits against the school.  It asked the Mequon-Thiensville School District for three email distribution lists: alumni, Momentum newsletter recipients and recreation department participants, as well as messages sent to those lists over a two-year period.  Emails to those on these lists were sent information regarding equity in the school district which Schroeder and Johnson claimed to be critical race theory being brought into the district.  A claim board members have denounced.  These lists were then used to target those on it in the spread of misinformation geared toward the districts mask mandates and equity towards students in order to push far right candidates election. Watch The Video Here: https://youtu.be/szmrK9HCsPE

In a statement on its website, the Mequon-Thiensville School District said state public records law requires public entities to weigh privacy interests against the public interest when deciding whether to release certain records. The district accused Gierl of requesting the email addresses "for the stated purpose of spreading messages supporting his political agenda."

"In applying the balancing test, the District believes the privacy interests of those individuals who have entrusted the District with their personal email addresses outweighs Mr. Gierl’s stated interest. Because we have given reasonable assurances to those individuals that the District will not provide their private email addresses to any outside entity, the Mequon-Thiensville School District has been fighting for over 10 months to protect this personal information of our community members—just like we did for our families in the first lawsuit," the district said in its statement.

"Unfortunately, on the morning of Tuesday, October 18, the Judge presiding over Mr. Gierl’s second lawsuit ruled against the District. The District is working with our legal counsel to determine what impact this ruling will have on the information provided by those who have entrusted their private, personal email addresses with us. As soon as a written decision is produced by the Judge and details are finalized among counsel on both sides of the case, the District will provide an update on the direction of any further action by either side."

Gierl's new lawsuit came after winning his first lawsuit in October 2021. That suit, filed in August 2020, asked the court to order the school district to turn over email addresses of those who received a link to "The Talk: A necessary conversation on privilege and race with our children." Cain ordered the district to turn over the email addresses to Gierl. The district then appealed Cain's decision in December 2021 to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. Online court records show that the district's appeal has not been decided yet.

The original ruling by Cain in October 2021 was publicized by Amber Schroeder. Gierl also donated money to the recall effort.

A new Facebook Page created specifically for Judge Dorow’s campaign also has some interesting content on it, mostly again by right leaning organizations.  Its’ interesting that a campaign manager who literally hates the Left, and is the main person running Dorow’s campaign refuses to post any Left leaning content for a judge who needs votes from those on the Left.  Being from Milwaukee, NSM is very familiar with a local far right journalist and Journalism Teacher at a local college, Jessica McBride who runs the news outlet Wisconsin Right Now.  The far right outlet is known for pushing right wing conspiracies, not reporting facts, writing defamatory and false light articles and intentionally ignoring crucial details when writing journalism pieces.  A post on the Dorow Campaign Facebook Page was from non-other than Jessica McBride’s outlet, and Dorow went out of her way to thank McBride for the wonderful article while ignoring that same courtesy to other media outlets who ran stories on her.  When you go out of your way to thank a media outlet known for writing gossip and immoral articles, you tell your constituents that you are publicly backing far right leaning lunatics, which leads people to believe that your belief systems align.  This isn’t a good look for Dorow.  But, considering McBride is known for having affairs with married men, it would be no wonder that Schroeder likes the right leaning outlet, as allegedly Schroder herself had an affair with a married man which is how she got the last name Schroeder.

So let’s get into Amber Bushey.  Amber Bushey wanted to be a model, but failed.  Amber has lost at everything she’s touched.  The family isn’t too great either.  But most people are going to miss this because of the name change. An Incident in 2018 involving Amber’s father Larry Bushey, 60, of Moretown was charged with reckless endangerment, unlawful mischief and unlawful trespass. The incident occurred at 118 Old Gulf Road in Moretown, at a camp owned by Walter Murphy, 48, of Moretown. Vermont State Police had received a call that people were trying to break into camps on Old Gulf Road. While Trooper Crista Maurice was en route, she received reports that a man had fired a warning shot into the air, and then learned that Murphy had heard gunshots and a man yelling outside his camp. The man couldn’t get into the building because all the doors and windows were locked, police said.

State troopers said they found Bushey, carrying two guns, on the back porch of Murphy’s camp. After a brief standoff, police said, Bushey was taken into custody without incident. Murphy and his family were not injured. Bushey was arraigned Aug. 3 in Washington County Superior Court.

An Incident involving Schroeder’s brother is no better.  Steven W. Derr, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration for New England and United States Attorney Tristram J. Coffin announced today that with the guilty plea of Marcus Morales, 26, of New York City, this week, to conspiracy to distribute Oxycodone, the prosecution that began in May 2010 with the indictment of eighteen individuals for Oxycodone distribution-related offenses in United States v. Bushey, et al., is drawing to a close.

Morales is the last of the eighteen defendants in this case to resolve the question of guilt. Seventeen defendants pleaded guilty, and the United States dismissed the case against one defendant.

In May 2010, the Grand Jury charged Morales, Larry Bushey, Jr., of Burlington, and others, with conspiracy to distribute Oxycodone. According to papers filed in Court, this conspiracy involved the distribution of tens of thousands of dosage units of Oxycodone, a highly addictive and dangerous controlled substance.

Larry Bushey, Jr., will be sentenced Monday, August 29, in Burlington, before United States District Judge William K. Sessions III. In a recent filing, the United States described Bushey as “the beating heart of a conspiracy to distribute this despicable drug, sucking in and pumping out thousands of 80mg oxycodone tablets into the community.”

In recent months, United States District Court Judge William K. Sessions III has imposed sentences on many of the defendants in this case. Sentences have ranged from 188 months in prison to time served. The members of this conspiracy who have thus far been sentenced to prison include Andres Malave, 31, of Springfield, Massachusetts and Cliffside Park, New (sentenced to 188 months in prison), Garrett Hartwell, 33, of (sentenced to 87 months), Travis Hartwell, 33, of (sentenced to 51 months), Bradley Bessette, 40, of (sentenced to 46 months), and Robert Emery 25, of (sentenced to 41 months).

Other defendants in this matter have also received prison sentences in connection with their convictions for Oxycodone-related offenses. They include: Charles Cahill, 50, of (sentenced to 46 months for possession with intent to distribute Oxycodone), Jarrett Erwin, 31, of (sentenced to 33 months for distribution of Oxycodone), and Matthew Terjelian, 28, of (sentenced to 6 months for distribution of Oxycodone).

The differences in the sentences imposed reflect the Court’s view of the relative seriousness of each defendant’s conduct, their criminal histories, as well as other considerations. Morales’ sentencing is scheduled for December.

United States Attorney Tristram J. Coffin noted that this investigation was led by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, and involved the investigative skills of, and coordination with, several police departments, including those of Burlington, South Burlington, Essex, Williston, University of Vermont, Colchester, Milton. The Vermont State Police, United States Border Patrol, and the Sheriff Departments of Chittenden and Lamoille Counties also contributed significantly to the investigation.

Schroeder, like I mentioned earlier is co-chair for the Mom’s For Liberty Ozaukee County Chapter.  Her close friend and other co-chair is a woman named Scarlett Johnson, who Schroeder led the campaign for during the Mequon-Thiensville school board recall.  Taking a very close look at Johnson’s Twitter account is even more frightening with the amount of far right extremist views towards covid, the LGBTQ Community, Anti Gay, Anti-Black, Anti Woke and the list goes on.  NSM found hundreds, of pictures, videos, tweets, re-tweets, all with dangerous far right extremist views.  Schroeder doesn’t go anywhere without her bestie Scarlett.  For a campaign manager to hold these dangerous views and Judge following behind her in an important Supreme Court run, this is dangerous territory for a judge who wants a victory.

These dangerous types of mindsets are not good for any American, whether you’re Democrat and Republican.  With dozens of Republicans removing themselves from political figures who share these very same dangerous views including those backing away from Trump right now, Republicans across the country are starting to realize that they will not win any elected seat if they align themselves with viewpoints like this.  It makes me wonder why Judge Dorow still has this person as her campaign manager.  Even traditional conservatives are saying dangerous viewpoints like these are too radical for conservative beliefs.

So, I guess since Dorow continues to allow Amber Schroeder to run her political campaign then Dorow must also align with dangerous far right political extremists, and instead of conveniently vaguely answering questions, I think the constituents of Wisconsin deserve to hear real answers to real questions, especially when Dorow’s Supreme Court seat is going to dictate the rights of both conservatives and liberals who reside in Wisconsin.

I think it’s safe to say that NSM is definitely not getting permission to film a documentary about a judge with far right extremist friends.  Oh well, we’ll focuses on what we do best, exposing corruption and truth.

For all of the Black Lives Matter Activists out there who are going to read this article, remember back in 2020 when Jay-Z and Roc Nation held national events supporting Black Lives, and families of people of color killed by police brutality stood and gave speeches?  I tried to warn people that this was fake support, and nothing more than a money grab, but nobody listened.  On Schroeder's Facebook Page is a post for the Dorow Campaign Facebook Page.  The link says "Judge Jennifer Dorow For Supreme Court" paid for by Jennifer For Justice.  Who is Jennifer For Justice?  She is an Entertainment and Live Experience Executive and a partner to Jay-Z and Roc Nation amongst other well known celebrities.  Jennifer For Justice has endorsed Dorow and according to the post financially has contributed with the "paid for" mark on the post. 



Waukesha County Circuit Judge Jennifer Dorow called the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision by the U.S. Supreme Court “a prime example of judicial activism at its worst” in her application to be appointed judge.
In that case, the high court ruled that a Texas law criminalizing consensual sexual conduct between same-sex individuals was unconstitutional because it violated the due process clause of the 14th Amendment. Dorow said the court “went well beyond the four corners of the U.S. Constitution to declare a new constitutional right,” including by citing precedents from other countries.
This directly contradicts Judge Jennifer Dorow's Statements About Protecting EVERYONE'S Rights!!!!!

This is an ongoing story and NSM will continue to provide updates.

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