How The Cold War's Propaganda Machine Shaped Modern Society

2020 has been one of the worst years in American history.  It’s tragic what has happened in this country.  Americans have never felt so afraid.  We’ve lost the ability to track how bad things really are because every week there’s something new.  What if the worst is yet to come with no one in charge planning to help us?  For over 70 years our leaders have told us what they wanted us to hear.  But America’s shadow government has spent trillions of dollars on secret plans that serve one purpose…to save itself.

The most important decisions being made about the future of the United States and the fate of the earth are being made in secret by the elite.  What if engineers are too sick to maintain the power grid, the governments elite have massive generators, cell phone systems go down, they’ve got their own secure network, super market shelves empty, they’ve got enough food stockpiled for years, and let’s not forget about toilet paper, they’ve got a forests worth stashed away.  It’s this massive secret project that funneled unbelievable amounts of money towards the survival of the president and officials of government.

March 24th 2020, Trump held a press conference to propose an end to a global crisis.  But even as he downplayed the pandemic publicly, Trump knew something that most Americans didn’t.  If the pandemic spirals out of control there are secret plans underway for him and his top officials to be evacuated to secure facilities designed to withstand an Armageddon.

On the same day that Trump was telling the American people the pandemic would magically disappear by Easter, 1600 miles away a military team was assembling life underground at Cheyenne Mountain.  One of the US governments 3 doomsday bunkers.  Inside the Cheyenne bunker the US government hid a team of military commanders.  Their mission was to command the nation’s defense if we go full zombie apocalypse above ground.

It’s all part of a plan that started 70 years ago in the 1950’s.  The government came up with a plan for a deep underground command center, where the president and staff members could take shelter and direct nuclear war.  The plan is called the continuity of government or COG.  These weren’t ordinary bunkers.  Some were carved into the sides of mountains and turned into cities to survive for months.  The bunker system remained a secret until 1974 when a commercial airliner crashed into the side of a mountain in Virginia.  The crash revealed a secret installation in the side of the mountain, known as Mt. Weather.  Mt. Weather is now an unclassified.

Another secret facility was found by accident when a government badge was found on the floor of a parking garage, which led to the doomsday bunker known as Ravenrock.  Along with area 51, Ravenrock is one of the government’s most classified installations.  Ravenrock is an underground backup pentagon.

To understand why these bunkers were created you have to go back to the 1950’s.  For some it was America’s golden age.  But it was also the dawn for ruthless global supremacy.  The US government created the civil defense program, creating fallout shelters to protect civilians from nuclear war.  The government tells the public they can survive and live their lives as long as they come together in an unquestioning mass.  While the public was being told to build shelters and duck under their desks, the government elite were going to hide under tons of rock and reinforced concrete.  Civil defense drills were really just window dressings for massive government propaganda.

Kubrick’s 1964 film Dr. Strangelove parodies this nuclear concept of the American people dying by the millions while the government elite survives.

The bunkers are just the beginning.  The plans also include a secret air force, secret monetary system, and secret communication networks, and a classified plan to suspend democracy itself which all still exists and can be put into action right now.

One thing the system lacks is how to restrain an out of control president with his finger on the button from starting that war in the first place.  July of 2017 North Korea fires an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States.  Trump counters with a barrage of words of his own & late night tweets which escalates into a full blown crisis.  North Koreas propaganda machine goes into overdrive.

Defense secretary Jim Mattis & Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly made a pact at the beginning of the Trump administration to ensure one of them was always available to clarify orders coming out of the White House.  Mattis even sleeps in his cloths during the North Korea missile crisis to be ready at a moment’s notice.  But there is little anyone can do to stop the president if he wants to launch a nuclear strike.

Trump not only had the power to launch a nuclear weapon but repeatedly showed a desire to do so.  Americans thought we were 140 characters away from WW3.

Had North Korea launched a missile, the US Shadow Government was already in place.  In order to get Trump and his officials to one of the bunkers, a transportation network was created.  We know it as Marine One.  The helicopter that took Trump golfing.  Marine One is part of a highly specialized fleet of aircraft that have a much more serious function.  If the president can’t get to the secret bunkers an entire air force exists to provide sanctuary in the skies.  Officially called the Nightwatch Aircraft, they are the president’s doomsday airplanes.

If the president needed to launch a strike he would turn to the country’s most powerful briefcase known as the football.  Trump referred to this as his nuclear button.  Inside is a black book that has visual representations of the different attack options.  The president would have 8-10 minutes to retaliate.  From the time he gives an order to the time the first missiles leave the silos is 4 minutes.

Hundreds of millions of lives would be lost and put the world in a nuclear winter destroying civilization.

The president is viewed as the most stable thinker.  But what if the president himself is a threat to the nation.  Trump wasn’t the first unstable president that pushed the limits of America’s doomsday.

Nixon took the country to the brink of nuclear war for no reason other than politics.  Oct 27th 1969, the public is unaware that Nixon just ordered 18 nuclear armed B52 Bombers to take off and head toward the Soviet Union.  Like Trump, Nixon ran as the Law & Order candidate.  He also claimed to have a secret plan to end the Vietnam War.  Nixon starts acting unpredictable.  Loading nuclear bombs on planes to show he was crazy enough to use them.  Nixon believed if he could show the soviets & Vietnam he was crazy enough to use nukes that it would lead to a peaceful conclusion.  Risky move if the soviets would have believed him.

If the bombs had started dropping, Nixon would have turned to the secret instruction manual that would give him the right to rip up the constitution and throw away your rights.  A version of this still exists on the books and available for our current presidents to use.

Most American’s don’t realize the secret laws and secret authorities that has built up around the presidency.  As a result of the cold war the power of the president has grown.  Such as the presidential emergency action documents which Trump liked to brag about constantly which are top secret orders that grant the president vast powers in the case of a national emergency.  These documents have never been released.  Not even to congress.  We don’t fully know what the secret powers are and when they can be invoked and what democracy would look like.  We do know what was in some of these documents leading into the 70’s.  Some of what we know is the president is allowed to implement martial law, round up and detention individuals on a list maintained by the FBI, censorship of the Press, warrantless seizures of property, and suspension of habeas corpus by the the president, not by congress as provided in the constitution.  Which means people could be imprisoned without judicial review.  In 2018 there were 56 of these documents, which are periodically updated.  The purpose of them is to imagine a scenario and how far the president may need to go.

In these secret shadow governments the president may die, but the presidency will always survive.

January 2017, Trump is sworn in after a campaign that had divided the nation.  If anything happened to him that day, another man was waiting far from the capital.  Homeland Security Secretary Jay Johnson was hidden away at a secure location ready to take over.  He’s in a long line of designated survivors, officials picked in the presidential line of succession.

The idea of the designated survivor is a recent invention.  In order to hand off the presidency in the matter of minutes.  Someone somewhere was always ready to step into the presidency.  The line of succession moves down the line of the cabinet in the order in which the cabinet departments were created, VP, Secretary of State and so on until it gets to the secretary of homeland security.  While people voted for a republican president, if the unthinkable happened, we would have had a democrat and someone who never attempted to run for president.

While the designated survivor is a public plan in place, there’s another secret plan that goes even farther.  Under the continuity of government plan the attorney general of Illinois could be on that list and become president if a catastrophe was so great that wiped out the constitutional succession line.

The president still has all these secret powers even after losing an election.  Since America has an unusually long period of time between the election of one president and the departure of the previous president.  It’s around 2 ½ months.  You now have a commander in chief who may have been rejected by the American people but still has the authority to use nuclear weapons, and tremendous power which we saw Trump who had shown no respect for democracy, or democratic institutions faces a period of time where he still has all of the authority of the office and none of the sense of responsibility.

Since the beginning of the nuclear age in 1945, decisions of profound importance have been made by a small number of policy makers in Washington D.C. in secret and the American people need to understand this.

2020, there’s so much uncertainty, discontent, and fear.  None of the plans developed during the cold war would work.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, and now a pandemic, we’ve seen the difference between the powerful and the rest of us.

We found out just how well these plans didn’t work on 911.  These COG plans had been developed over decades.  These massive secret projects funneled massive amounts of money away from the public good and towards the survival of the wealthy, elite, and the powerful.  No one tested these plans to see if it would actually work during an emergency.

For months during the summer of 2001, there were warnings of a terror attack pouring into the Whitehouse.  Reports of Al Quida attacks against the US.  CIA said the attacks would be overseas but couldn’t rule out an attack in the United States.  The Bush administration did very little in response to that intelligence.  They didn’t try to find Al Quida, they didn’t try to prevent an attack, and they acted as if they didn’t believe the warnings.

On 911 America was caught off guard setting off a disastrous chain of events.  The bush administration goes into panic and confusion.  Everyone in the federal government was in the dark and so were the American people.  Eventually they got back online and this would be the first time the COG would be activated, to ensure the security of the principles.  Separation and security of president, vice president, speaker of the house, so no matter what happened, one of them could step into the role of the white house.  With no destination in mind Bush is rushed onto Air Force One and launched into the sky.  The goal was to get the plane as high as possible and as far away from anyone else as he could.  Washington becomes a combat zone.  The COG Plan was designed to get these top officials evacuated within 15 minutes.  That morning none of that happened.  Most of the people in the president’s succession were able to get to the bunkers, some weren’t able to be contacted while others were uncooperative, like Dick Cheney who refused to leave the white house.

The 3rd plane hits the pentagon.  Donald Rumsfeld the key link to military defense went out to the crash site.  He ordered his deputy to fly out on a helicopter but he stayed behind.  So for a while these two key officials were not available.  This emotional move took a multibillion dollar program and broke it in minutes.  Every federal agency was ordered to activate a headquarters outside of Washington DC but things didn’t go according to plan.  It was impossible to get out of the city.  Roads & bridges were blocked, cell phones didn’t work because too many people were using them, air force one was at 45k feet so communication was difficult, leaders spread all over in bunkers, nobody knew where anyone was.  Nobody knew where to go as they were being attacked by an unknown enemy.  America goes to Defcon 3.  When this happens the military mobilizes in a way that alerts other countries.  Planes taking off, submarines being deployed, missile silos opening.  The Kremlin calls to inquire what’s going on.  Because of a breakdown in communication a conversation that should have taken place between two government leaders didn’t take place; instead they used a Russian speaking translator named Condaleezza Rice.

Bush wasn’t in the loop so VP Cheney took control.  Absolute collapse of authority took place.  Decisions at the core of the COG are about to be tested for the first time.

The 4th plane is still in the air, the decisions in the bunker that morning cut to the heart of the questions of morals in the COG.  The idea that some lives are worth more than others.  Flight 93 is 16 miles away and inbound to the White House.  Again, Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense is still unavailable because he’s still on the Whitehouse Lawn at another critical moment in the decision making.  The pentagon asks permission to shoot down a commercial airliner, full of Americans over American soil.  Cheney gives the order to shoot the aircraft down. Two F16 fighter jets are scrambled to intercept but they are unarmed, as arming fighter jets wasn’t part of the national defense strategy.  The only option for the F16’s was to ram the plane.  One to hit the cockpit, while the other would ram the tail.  The plane crashed supposedly before the jets ever left the ground.  For much of the morning officials didn’t know if they were responsible for shooting down flight 93.  It was later reported that passengers over ran the cockpit and crashed the plane.

Because of the confusion with head officials scrambled in various places they see another aircraft headed toward the pentagon.  The order was given to use a radar guided missile to shoot this aircraft down.  It ended up being a medevac helicopter racing to the crash site to save lives communicating on the wrong channel.  In 1999 Mayor Giuliani built a $13 million dollar bomb proof shelter nicknamed, Rudy’s Bunker.  But there was one problem.  The bunker was built in the world trade center that terrorists bombed before in 1993.  So Giuliani had no place to set up a command post and was left wandering the streets trying to find a place to set up.

Building this bunker took crucial money away from the city’s cervices like the fire department which left them without crucial equipment, like enough working radios.  Had money been prioritized the right way, more firefighters could have lived.

America was unprepared.  None of the cold war plans worked.  The FAA and military found themselves with radars facing out instead of in.  Fighter Pilots flew out to the Atlantic before realizing the threat was behind them.  Across the country the military that trained for the cold war was outclassed by box cutter wielding hijackers.

The sad truth that the Continuity of Government and the mass amount of money dumped into it too away from social projects like education, health care, infrastructure and the betterment of the American people and the program never worked and was completely unnecessary.  Only a short time later the US was under attack again from an enemy within.  In the weeks after the worst attack on US soil, a shadowy figure drops an anonymous letter on the desk of senate majority Tom Dashal. His secretary opened a letter and white powder fell out that drifted into the air.  This was the start of the Anthrax Attacks.  Letters were mailed to another senator and major news outlets.  America was already fragile.  In Washington DC the threat grew.  Capital police cars were contaminated, their bomb dogs were contaminated.  The powder sent to Dashal spread all over Capitol Hill quickly.  This type of attack was not covered in the COG which exposed a major threat in the plan that already didn’t work. The vulnerability was now a greater risk to smaller attacks on American soil. It exposed a weakness in the COG that there was no fall back location or plans to replace members who might be sick or killed.  There was no backup plan in a COG plan that atrophied.

In the Alleghany Mountains is a resort called Greenbrier that dates back to 1778.  Rumors of a secret government bunker circulated.  In 1992 a Washington Post reporter Ted Gup blows the lid off the Greenbrier bunker under the West Virginia Wing, which ended up shutting down the bunker.  It was originally built under the cover of an expansion in the 1950’s and 60’s staffed by secret government workers under a front company called Forsythe Associates. This was where the COG would operate.  One questionable thing in the bunker was a large weapons cash that was meant to keep ordinary Americans out if they showed up.  This symbolized that government officials were worth protecting over the lives of ordinary Americans.

In a 1990 Episode of the west wing (the crackpot and these women), they discuss a card that details where to go in the case of a nuclear attack which exposed a government secret that most officials in the white house didn’t even know about.  Some of the cards only had driving instructions of how to get to the bunkers.  For elite officials it had instructions of helicopter evacuations no matter where they were located.  Not only would top officials be saved but also items of America’s history.  Plans to evacuate the declaration of independence, the constitution, bill of rights, Gettysburg Address, art pieces in order to preserve the idea of America.  Plans to save George Washington’s uniform, while millions of families would be left to die.  One element that doesn’t get talked about in the COG is the amount of resources and money it takes to save the elite.  For example, one of Dick Chaney’s daughter who is a private citizen was scuba diving in Bonaire and a jet flew there even to evacuate her and fly her back to the US even though US airspace was closed.

May 29th 2020, as protests erupted in Washington DC after the death of George Floyd demonstrators closed in on the white house gates.  The secret service rushed Trump down to the white house bunker which Trump would later deny that he was hiding in a bunker which was contradicted by Trumps own Attorney General.  This wasn’t some nuclear attack or natural disaster; it was the anger of the American People.  This was the same dysfunctional bunker that Cheney operated out of during 911 with many upgrades considering during 911 you couldn’t listen to a press conference and government officials at the same time.  One TV would have to be turned down to listen to the other.  During the Obama administration a construction project began on the north lawn of the Whitehouse.  The public was told the construction was to replace existing Whitehouse infrastructure and put up a fence.  In the DC area alone, 33 new secret construction sites were stationed and either already built or underway after 911.

The COG is a complete re-distribution of tax dollars in order to create a redundant government behind the reach of representative government, elections, and the constitution.  A shadow government ready to take over at a moment’s notice.  All of the ideas within this plan suspend American Democracy as we know it.  Not only again would this suspend civil liberties, implement martial law, but it is believed it would suspend a 3 branch government doing away with check and balances until an emergency is over.

When a major disaster hits one of the president’s jobs is to arrive on scene to promise help. August 25th 2005, Hurricane Katrina hits. The people in Louisiana bunkered down thinking their government was there to protect them.  But they failed to realize the government prioritized their own survival over the lives of those in Louisiana. In 1965 the US Army Corps of Engineers were building a levy system that was supposed to be finished by 1980.  But it was nowhere near complete in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina blasted through.  Katrina was predictable, preventable and we could have mitigated the damage and rebuilt faster.  But the US was focused on more important things, the global war on terror.  First was Afghanistan, then Iraq just two years before Katrina.  An entire American city was essentially wiped off the map while government stood by and watched.  Bush was returning from vacation and diverted his flight to watch the crisis from 2500 feet above the city.  The devastation hit the hardest in the largely African American 9th ward.  There was no adequate food, water or shelter so residents were left on their own to survive.  When the US Military arrived in New Orleans the health and safety of the citizens didn’t appear to be the first priority.  A helicopter came into New Orleans and was ordered into a federal building because there were blank passports there.  A very elaborate and expensive rescue operation for passports and not lives.  Law enforcement came down hard on survivors.  The crisis was presented as a crisis of security and law and order, and the response was militarized policing.  The jails were flooded so a make shift holding area was built in the cities bus terminal which the people called camp greyhound. 1200 residents were rounded up and jailed.  Basic rights were ignored.  Many were never charged with a crime. Most were African American.  Mass prejudice was beginning to show up with white people stealing water which was viewed as survival and when black people did it they were looters.  The most insane moment was when people were trying to cross the Danzinger Bridge to leave New Orleans and the police on the other side were trying to turn them back.  Law enforcement in a commandeered budget rental truck unleashed a storm of gun fire on the entirely black crowd. 2 people were killed including a mentally disabled man shot 5 times in the back.

Under mounting pressure to help, Bush sends in reinforcements to help.  He mobilizes the US Army troops.  Many of the troops just returned from combat tours.  When they arrived, they behaved like occupiers instead of helpers.  Soldiers were unequipped to help people and rescue them.  They were only equipped with weapons.  The tragedy of Katrina came out of a much deeper and darker cold war history where a narrow view of national security justified oppressing innocent civilians, stability at any cost. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) got a bad reputation because of its incompetence during Katrina. The man Bush chose to lead FEMA was a republican insider and an expert in Arabian Race Horses with no experience in disaster planning.  FEMA, the agency tasked with emergency management is also the agency responsible for the continuity of government COG.  FEMA’s forerunner agency was responsible for securing and protecting top government officials.  With an emergency declared, and the constitution suspended, the post office would be in charge of registering the nations dead, the national park service would run the refugee camps, the department of agriculture would distribute and ration food, while below ground, government officials continued to run the show.  Billions were spent on the secret plans to protect the government elite in the event of a soviet attack but as American society began to unravel in the 1960’s.  The government began to see the movements for civil rights and against the Vietnam War as just as big a threat to national security as a soviet missile.  Now the government’s law enforcement and national security resources are tasked with new enemy within.  The government is treating its own people as a threat to the government and need to be treated as enemies of the state.  Protestors labeled communists committing acts of treason.  The FBI, CIA and National Guard were mobilized as defenses against national threats.  Civil rights leaders now considered heroes of American democracy were seen as part of a communist plot and a threat to national security.  Hoover picks out MLK not just for surveillance but to disrupt the civil rights movement.  The FBI begins a covert intelligence operation as COINTELPRO documents titled the NEW LEFT & Black Extremist.  A tactic that came out of the Cold War to control the internal population.  Agents would send MLK letters urging him to commit suicide; they infiltrated the Black Panthers turning them against each other by spreading false rumors.  Others are shot by police.  This all sounds crazy when you say them out loud, but there are thousands of pages of public records that substantiate all of this.  The covert efforts to control and contain the movement fail.  When MLK was assassinated in 1968, riots broke out in over 100 cities.  A system that was supposedly there to protect its citizens was now turned against them, and the citizens were forced to fight back.  The US government would draw up Operation Garden Plot a detailed blueprint for how the US military would deploy simultaneously to 25 American cities to put down racial unrest.  By the 1970’s civil unrest is neutralized by infiltration, arrest and assassination.  A new perceived threat to national security emerges. Nicaragua 1979, the US backed dictator is toppled by leftist rebels.  By the time Reagan takes office in 1981 the region is in flames and many of the Elite believe a new threat is right at our front door.  Russia threatens to station nuclear weapons in this area with a 5 minute launch time from America.  Hollywood begins to spread Reagan’s fear, like we see in the 1984 movie Red Dawn, America invaded by Cuban troops.  It was America’s anti-communist allies that began committing atrocities against its own people.  The American people begin to question hard line regimes in Central America.  With new protests emerging, deep below the white house, new plans are drawn up to contain dissidents if the US decides to invade Central America.  Oliver North writes a proposal called Rex84 that proposed rounding up political dissidents against the Reagan administration funding right wing death squads in Latin America.  The dissidents were members of the Catholic Church, Quakers, and peace groups.  The agency to create the camps and imprison the dissidents was FEMA.  These protestors were just expressing their right to oppose the misuse of tax money in the support of fascist regimes in Central America.  Rex84 never happened but the government has contemplated this plan many times.

April 29th 1992 Los Angeles residents took to the streets in the acquittal of the officers who beat Rodney king.  Since Law Enforcement couldn’t contain the riots.  The pentagon implements Operation Garden Plot, the Vietnam era military operation to squash domestic unrest.  When you have a government that wants to create the narrative that there are scary black and brown people who want to take your kids and take your job and have this terrible revolution that’s going to hurt you, what a better way to create that than to puts some tanks out there, shoot tear gas, shoot them with rubber bullets, kill a few, and then the madder and more upset they get, the more evidence you have to say look, look what’s happening.  As the government once again focuses on maintaining control in the black neighborhoods, they overlook a growing movement of white self-proclaimed patriots who are organizing and taking up arms.  The groups in the beginning viewed it as their duty as a well-armed militia to fight against tyranny as they saw it encroaching on the lives of US citizens.  These Patriots believe America’s tomorrow will become The New World Order that bends to the will of the United Nations.  They believe the government will turn its command and control infrastructure against them.  As the patriot movement grows it begins to associate the agency designed to ensure the COG with a dark plot to control their lives.  FEMA became the focus of conspiracy theories after Carter created the program.  Patriot movements claimed in newsletters that FEMA had created concentration camps and were going to round up patriots.  Alex Jones of Info Wars really highlighted the documents showing FEMA’s role in refugee camps, twisting the words of the documents spreading his rhetoric that while it had some truth in its underlying text, was regurgitated with falsehoods.  At one point with how insane the FEMA rumors grew.  Patriot movements were convinced that FEMA was going to put people in concentration camps with the help of the bloods and the crypts.  By the 90’s these patriot groups believed the government was directly waging war on them.  Months after Clinton took office, federal agents raided a Christian radical cult in Waco Texas and a firefight broke out. 76 members were killed including 25 children.  Many on the right wing conspiracy world, Waco was a catalyzing moment.  One of them is a 24yr old golf war veteran.  Two years to the day later, this veteran rocked the foundation of the nation’s security state.  April 1995 Oklahoma City a huge bomb goes off at a federal building killing 168 and 19 children at a daycare center.  This was Timothy Mcvay.  With Clinton pushing hard to ban assault rifles, many on the right begin to believe there’s a government plot to rip away their freedoms.  In a preview of conspiracy theories that would spiral around mass shooting decades later, many in the militia movement refuse to believe the Oklahoma bombing was one of their own, but rather was a pretense by the government to mobilize against them. 

Patriot movements viewed it as a false flag attack to make patriot movements look bad and discredit them.  Which is why we see the militia group Oath Keeps with flags of Timothy Mcvay on them.  This is where Alex Jones really got his start claiming Oklahoma City was a false flag operation.  The big issue where these patriot movements get out of hand is that a lot of these people are reacting to something that is very real but they do it in totally crackpot and hateful ways that exacerbate the problem.  Instead of focusing their attentions on the real problem, the Elite that’s ripping them off they focus their attention of victims of the same problem, people of color, immigrants.  Just like we saw in hundreds of protests around the country in 2020.  Under the Obama administration, right wing militia groups grew from 149 in 2008 to 1360 in 2012.  Under Trump, militias went mainstream, holding rallies.  Militia groups are deeply afraid of being rounded up in FEMA camps but don’t seem to have a ton of historical awareness about who these tools of oppression have been used against.

Spring 2020, the largest protest movement sweeps the nation with a simple message, Black Lives Matter. Behind the scenes, federal agents including some from FEMA’s parent department, Homeland Security are monitoring activists, and snatching them off the streets.  We’ve seen this happen for decades.  Every time there’s a moment of civil unrest the government begins to treat its own people as enemies of the state.   In 2018 the FBI implemented a program titled IRON FIST, targeting African American activists.  Black extremists are listed at the top of the counter terrorism priorities above even groups like Al Qaeda.  In the last 25 years only a handful of acts by black extremist have been tied to acts of violence.  This over developed surveillance state is born out of the Cold War. Very long history that goes way back through the 50’s, 60’s beyond WWII, Red Scare of the 20’s, Labor Unions, Socialists, Feminists, African Americans, these people have always been attacked.  And now we’ve seen again a system that has turned on its own.  You go from Charlottesville in 2017 to what happened in Portland and Washington DC, the Trump administration has used the Department of Homeland Security to pursue its aggressive agenda.  We have a consistent use of DHS as secret police picking people off the streets, treated as enemies of the state and disappearing.

Instead of the government keeping the American people secure with health, economic wellbeing, public safety, the government views security as military might, and spending a trillion dollars a year.  In 2017 America is planning a mission to Mars while American soldiers were being slaughter in Niger looking for ISIS.  We have prioritized weapons systems, and defense contractors and the needs of corporate interests over the needs of the American people.  With the end of the Cold War American should have been at peace and spent money on the American soil infrastructure with the over 700 billion spent in military budget.  America would take us back to war after 911 with the war on terror once again ignoring the needs of the American people.  War isn’t good for people but it’s great for the quadrupled money made by the military industrial complex.  A government program for the new F35 costs over 100 million dollars per plane and the entire program costs tax payers over a trillion dollars it’s the most expensive defense program ever, and it’s a failed program along with many other weapons systems that defense contractors push.  Constantly forcing Americans to push aside infrastructure on its own soil that would help them for the benefits of the elite and wars and weapons systems.  The war on terrorism started with the 911 attacks.  Americans asked why do they hate us.  Bush would say they hate our freedom.  But it missed what Bin Laden actually stated and that was they hate us because we placed our troops on their sacred land throughout various countries.  This never ending war is now the forever war and happening in a vast amount of countries that most Americans aren’t even aware of that the government wages war on any terrorist group they want and have done so on over 140 countries.  These wars are so secretive that we aren’t even sure who the enemy is at this point.  America has over 750 military bases around the world.  This ideology dates back to the Cold War when America struggled for global supremacy over the Soviet Union.  Back during the Cuban missile crisis America found missiles in Cuba placed there by the Soviet Union.  What the American public wasn’t told was that America placed missiles in Turkey first pointed directly at the Soviet Union.  Americans prepared for nuclear war and never knew their own government put them in the situation to begin with.  These bases, 60 years later are seen as crucial when it’s nothing more than provoking other countries to fight back, thus creating this cycle of war that benefits the elite and leaves the American people to suffer further.  A small elite group would try to convince Clinton to invade Iraq as the next big move for America to show its power, but Clinton refused.  But this group would convince Bush.  It was already decided to invade Iraq prior to 911 and the American public never knew it.  So once 911 happened the government was allowed to operate openly with American support even though this war had already started behind the scenes.  These lies to American public would be further sold with rhetoric of weapons of mass destruction.  The government has spent trillions of dollars fighting perceived enemies across the globe and ignoring the sacrifice of soldiers while other got rich.  And this mistake has greatly cost our infrastructure on our own soil.

February 29th 2020 the first confirmed death from covid 19 was reported.  The same day the government signed a peace treaty with the Taliban.  The war that has lasted 19 years while our lives here have been ignored.  If we hadn’t fought this war for so long, how much more prepared could be have been for the pandemic that was happening in 2020.  We have the greatest military in the world but nurses had to wear garbage bags to protect themselves from patients in hospitals.  The pandemic in America has hurt the public in ways that Osama Bin Laden could have only dreamed of.  The pandemic is one of the greatest threats to national security but it shielded other attacks that happened prior.  Cyber-attacks in 2016 that messed with the election process with targeted misinformation targeting American voters. The American government underestimated the power of Russia most likely due to distraction by the war on terror.  We’ll never know if the attacks were part of the Trumps election.  Twitter was recently hacked to obtain bitcoin, thankfully not to start a nuclear war.  The government paints an image of American security and yet we are dying in overtly incompetent ways making it obvious of a government who has sold itself on protecting us has failed in every way.  This is what happens when there is a shadow agenda that benefits one group of people at the expense of the greater good.  All they need is for us to not pay attention, not to know where wars are being fought or how much money they spend on a weapons system. If you don’t pay attention that how billions of dollars are spent, that’s how cities are vulnerable and how pandemics are spread.

What if it turns out that the greatest threat to this age is that this idea that Americans will pull together in times of crisis is dead.  Killed by decades of treating American freedom as the freedom to get ahead at any cost.  Historically, instead of trying to prevent catastrophes, especially on our own soil, the US government spends billions on militarized systems and weapons of mass destruction.  One such operation was codenamed Starfish Prime.  In 1962 the US government launched an experimental warhead from an island in the pacific on Johnston Island.  The experiment was designed to test the nuclear explosions in outer space.  The explosion caused a massive EMP that wiped out electronics 100’s of miles away in Hawaii.  This exposed a frightening possibility.  What if something as simple as an explosion could deliver a threatening blow to America?  Doomsday planners have struggled with this ever since.  2020 has shown us that some doomsday apocalypse may be closer than we’d like to believe.  It’s given us a preview of our way of life when things break down.  We’ve seen how fragile our supply chains are thanks to the pandemic.  Farmers having to harvest their stock or slaughter their livestock and not bring them to market because logistics broke down.  The government will tell you that you could be alone for the first 72hrs, but some people believe that nobody is coming to help.  What used to be a fringe movement of doomsday preppers has now grown.  In 2020 fear spread far and wide as the US economy ground to a halt.  Millions of Americans were put out of work.  We witnessed how vulnerable our way of life really is. The idea of national security would collapse almost instantaneously and we would see very quickly the government focused on their own survival.  We don’t really need to wait and see what happens if the lights go out.  We all just lived through 2020.  What happens when somebody now doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have the basic access to resources that the Elite takes for granted, no water, not enough food, electric shut off.  History tells us that there are massive wave’s authoritarianism and fascism.  This is how we get Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Islamic worlds and the story of America today.  If the doomsday of nuclear war that the government has planned for since the cold war was a lot less obvious and it’s already happening what then.  The downfall of our economy could lead to absolute fallout which is already happening.  The first wave of the pandemic and most of the country is on lockdown and the economy come to almost a complete halt.  This is the worst economic drop off in modern history. The beginning of what the apocalypse might feel like.  America saw an economic collapse during the great depression where America was brought to its knees.  During the cold war the plans to ensure the survival of ordinary Americans didn’t exist but they were concerned with what to do with those who somehow survived.  Hidden under the Virginia Mountains is one of the least known chapters of the cold war. 

The Federal Reserve constructed its own mountain bunker known as Mt. Pony.  Hallways as long as a football field. And a door leading to a 22,000 square foot vault where billions of dollars of US currency much in the form of $2 bills.  The American public rejected the $2 bill so the Fed set it up in bunkers thinking that after a nuclear war Americans would be less choosey about which currency they were using.  By doing so they could supply enough cash long enough for the next two years so the government could rebuild their presses.  This plan wasn’t just a way to pay survivors, they incorporated a plan to take that money back and so the shadow government turned to the IRIS.  The IRS and the treasury department gave a lot of thought in how they could asses and raise taxes during a nuclear holocaust.  Debating what happens to mortgages on homes that didn’t vaporize, and valuing properties post attack.  While those nuclear plans are sitting on a shelf somewhere, when a real economic emergency happens, the government is left scrambling to find a way out.

2007 financial institutions are getting rich selling mortgages to people who can’t afford them.  The mortgage crisis didn’t just hurt homeowners; the irresponsible behavior of financial institutions has a ripple effect on the global economy leading to the great recession in 2008. By 2009 more than 15 million Americans aren’t employed.  The financial giants who caused the crisis are too big to fail.  Without them the economy faces a meltdown.  So they pulled a play out of there nuclear playbook and bail out the institutions.  While they extended this level of support to the institutions they didn’t extend this level of support to ordinary people.  While foreclosed homeowners are living in their cars, 45 billion taxpayer dollars got funneled to JP Morgan, Goldman Sax and Morgan Stanley, who ended up paying out 18 billion dollars to bankers and executives.  Of the 475 billion dollar bailout only 6% went to help homeowners.  In the two years after the recession the net wealth of most Americans shrinks while the richest increased their wealth by almost 30%.  This created a lasting sense of anger towards the elites.  This caused the Tea Party movement on the right, and Occupy on the left.  While the quality of the economy recovers.  Inequality worsens and a new class of the elite becomes more powerful. 

March 2020 Elon Musk laid off nearly 300 workers due to covid 19.  Teslas stock price rebounded the following month as the laid off employees were struggling to eat.  Musk’s net worth tripled to over 90 billion dollars. It’s not just that these shadow governments and elites will survive, they become even richer.  History is starting to repeat itself where people are falling into peasantry and servitude.  Since the start of the pandemic, 40 million Americans filed for unemployment, 30 million said they couldn’t afford enough food to eat, 1 in every 10 houses.  Meanwhile JP Morgan posts one of its best quarters ever.  In the first weeks of the pandemic the unemployment rate nears 15% the billionaire’s wealth increases.  As people do poorly, the banks do well because more money is borrowed and more money is spent. 

Practices like these are what lead to social unrest where the government and the elite get paranoid and need to protect themselves instead of helping the American public.  It’s ok to kill the planet and almost everyone on it because if you’re part of the COG and Elite, you get to survive.  As the pandemic death toll surges, new waves of poverty spreads around the world.  The planet records its hottest month and California burns.  Elon Musk announces his plans to colonize Mars.  The COG and Elite are looking for ways to escape instead of making the planet a place you don’t have to leave.

We live in a time where Counting ballots is a battle between good and evil, where science is met with righteous ignorance, where Americans are so divided we can’t agree on fundamental truths, this is a legacy of decades of lies by the richest and most powerful members of our society, lies to mask the real threats, lies to justify putting Americans in harm’s way, lies designed to enrich and protect those in power, while the rest of us suffer and die.  As the Cold War reached a boiling point in the Cuban missile crisis Americans were fed terror and deception.  Sold on the fear of an eminent soviet attack and the lie that American cities could survive a direct hit.  By the early 60’s civil defense drills were becoming meaningless.  This was a massive propaganda effort that had no relationship to reality.  Operation Alert was done every year and was something done every year to persuade people that there was something they can do.  While Americans were distracted by civil defense drills the government and military contractors are busy acquiring power and wealth by manufacturing 10’s of thousands of nuclear weapons.  All the civil defense programs were nothing more than a form of emotional management.  It was to maintain support.  The deception goes deeper with the underground nuclear bunkers built to actually withstand a nuclear attack built for only Americas most powerful.  Workers inside the bunkers told their families would be safe outside the bunker so they’ll follow orders even though their loved ones would be left out on their own.  Even Eisenhower believed that if there ever was a nuclear war, millions would die.  The newly formed Central Intelligence Agency is tasked with stopping communist expansion.  Despite Eisenhower’s warnings the CIA will often act as the secret army of the military industrial complex using any means necessary.  One CIA report laid out the plan to commence aggressive covert operations across the globe. Rules of normal human conduct don’t apply.  War would now be fought in the shadows.  The CIA teams up with drug traffickers, torturers and murderers.  Often their operations end up serving Americas corporate interests and undermining democracy.  The CIA orchestrates coups, assassinations like they did in Iran to protect big oil.  For the elite to maintain control its crucial Americans are considered the good guys. Deception is essential.  A democratic state that operates in the open and an amoral security state which exercise secret control and a veto over democracy itself.  We know that the American government has engaged in the covert overthrow of democratic elected leaders across the globe, forced sterilization of prisoners, medical experimentation of children in state care, CIA agents setting up brothels in San Francisco to test the effects of acid and other drugs.  The CIA tries to bury the dirty tricks under a blanket of lies and engages in a massive project to influence popular culture.  The agency placed editors at major newspapers across Western Europe and secretly funds magazines in Europe and Latin America.  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ernest Hemingway, James Baldwin are unknowingly writing on behalf of Americas shadow government. Back home it’s the FBI job to preserve the social order that protects America’s elite.  The buerau spies not only on communists but activists of all kinds and even rock stars, sometimes their blackmailed and even killed by police. The Vietnam War is the military industrial elite’s most extensive project, built on two fictions, Southeast Asia is essential to America’s security and that we’re defending the Vietnamese people.  Years into the war a top secret pentagon report is leaked revealing the biggest and deadliest lie.  Few of the military planners actually believe the war can be won.  But the war wouldn’t end for several more years and when it did the US would have lost.  This would create distrust for the American government and lead to many conspiracies, such as the JFK assassination, area 51, and the moon landing.  25 years later there’s a chance to unify the country during 911 and win back the trust of the American people.  The relationship between America and Saudi Arabia was increased due to the bush family.  Warnings of a terrorist attack were ignored and never explained why.  Some believe it’s because 15 of the 19 911 attackers came from Saudi Arabia, Americas oil rich ally.  For years the Saudi royals played a dangerous game, funding radical Islam that inspired Osama bin laden while cozying up to powerful American political dynasties like the Bush family.  The Saudis moved over a billion dollars to the bush family and its allied companies and institutions.  After the 911 attack rather than allow an open investigation, the Bush Whitehouse demands the congressional committees redact 28 pages of their 911 report related to the question of whether the Saudi government was involved in the attacks.  In 2012 the pages were finally released they detailed extensive links between men the FBI thinks could be Saudi intelligence officers and the hijackers.  But the report stops short of being conclusive of finding a direct connection with the Saudi government and 911.  Rather than own up to the immense intelligence failure that allowed 911 to happen the bush administration executes what is perhaps the 21st centuries greatest feat of misdirection, they shift blame from the actual perpetrator to a completely unrelated target, Iraq’s leader, Sudamn Hussain.  They wanted to liberate Iraq which would liberate the oil to help the Saudi’s.  Now the government creates the illusion that vital American interests are at stake, suggesting that Iraq is a dire threat to the United States.  Colin Powell, one of America’s most trusted figures is tasked with relaying one of the biggest American lies ever told, that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.  Americans were also told that the Iraqi people wanted America to invade the country.  These were lies on a massive scale and kill the faith in government for new generations.  This leads to the conspiracy that the Bush administration orchestrated the 911 attack to justify the Iraq invasion.  911 conspiracy theorists make the claim that no planes were actually hijacked, it was planted bombs that destroyed the pentagon and trade center.  They called themselves the 911 Truthers. Their views get amplified by the internet and go mainstream.  A video of a BBC reporter saying live that building 7 has just collapsed and it’s still standing in the background.  The 911 Truthers paint the attack as another false flag.  Suddenly false flags are seen everywhere.  Schools shootings labeled hoax’s by the government to justify taking away Americans guns.  Obama born in Kenya and not Hawaii, which was led by Trump.  Every new conspiracy, Americans are distracted from the real problems like growing economic inequalities as the country struggled to recover from the 2008 recession.  When Trump runs for president he leverages the mistrust accrued from falsehoods of democrats and republicans alike.  Trump goes further saying that not only has American greatness been lost but that it’s been stolen.  Shortly after trump becomes president another conspiracy hits the internet.  Trump the savior battling the kabal and shadow government.  The dual state is rebranded the deep state and trump discovers that decades of lies and mistrust can be very useful. 

Qanon pushes some of the biggest and most insane conspiracies starting in 2017 with mysterious post on the internet, but some of them are actually based in truth.  During the cold war the government mastered the art of misdirection the damage control when official lies come to light, blame the soviets and other internal enemies.  In the 80’s the movie Rambo attributes the lies told by the American government but transfers blame to the protestors who opposed him.  When you start believing in conspiracy theories you come to believe that America has become infected with corruption, traitors and evil that democracy is gone.  Fueled by mistrust of decades of American lies, conspiracy movements grow after 911 and with Trump they found their champion. Q claims Trump is engaged in a secret war against a variety of enemies mostly members of the so called deep state and soon his enemies would be arrested or put to death.  It’s based on blood libel which is an ancient anti-Semitic concept that Jewish people are eating Christian babies.  Q’s version of the blood libel has Trump at war with the deep state kabal that’s abducting children and drinking their blood.  This includes, Hilary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, Bill Gates, and entertainers like Tom Hanks and Ellen Degenerous, and Oprah.  The first Q post claimed Hilary would be arrested within 24hrs of the post.  This didn’t happen but it also didn’t stop Qanon followers.  People who believe this misinformation we’ve seen have done some pretty extreme things.  As the movement grows so does the expanding narrative with outlandish claims.  One claim is that children are being held under a museum in Los Angeles, they take typos and even Trump drinking Fiji water as hidden messages that are coded for them to figure out.  These conspiracies are serving the Trump administration because if you paint your opponent as a Satan worshiping blood drinker any action against them is justified.  This brings Trumps supporters to act out in egregious ways in order to bring the Great Awakening on now instead of later.  Without a set of truths to unite us, with decade’s worth of lies it will continue to divide us.  Misinformation designed in the cold war served the sole purpose to modify human behavior.  We designed AI to fight our enemy but instead it landed on American soil and consumed us.  Which is why when Trump claimed the covid 19 virus was a democratic hoax to defeat him, so many on the right believed this instead of recognizing just how deadly and real the virus actually was and divided us further.  America makes up 4% of the world’s population but accounted for over 20% of the world’s deaths attributed to covid 19.  This is due to so many Americans distrust for government and Trump feeding on that to win support by fighting against a shadow government he calls the deep state.  Even though Trump assured the American people that the corona virus would disappear and we would all be just fine, it didn’t and millions still followed him and his propaganda similar to propaganda during the cold war. Q spreads misinformation that the pandemic was created to increase control over their lives and undermine their leader Trump.  The covid hoax was in production years before the election of Trump but they fast tracked it to attack Trumps presidency.  His in person events led to over 30,000 infections and 700 deaths.  Trump ridiculed the virus, and masks showing he didn’t care for anyone around him or the American people just like the COG during a nuclear strike would.  But when Trump contracted covid himself, he received care that no other American would receive but he takes his recovery as proof that taking steps to avoid covid is a moral failure.  The pandemic exposed failures even deeper than a presidents refusing to protect us.  It reveals a mistrust of authority so profound that many won’t wear the mask necessary to curve the outbreak and it showed the government’s inability to protect the vulnerable. 

Americans are starting to realize the legacy of lies that got us here.  We are realizing we don’t have to be powerless, we don’t have to sacrifice for the good of a state, power can come from grass roots organizations and solidarity and we can build something real and reject militarism that started during the cold war.  We need to embrace the general welfare of the people and cutting the spending of general warfare and surveillance and policing and redistribute towards meeting human needs. And stop with individual survival in the face of an apocalypse and focus on uniting to overcome fantasy spread by the government that keeps us in line and divided under an illusion that we are helpless with the government who will only protect themselves when the shit hits the fan.